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    • [after Anna beats a fellow student to a pulp]
    • Sensei: You're done for the night.
    • Anna: So is he.
    • Sensei: I realize now that her being a woman will prevent her from ever becoming a man.
    • Casey: I wanna be what intimidates me.
    • [regarding the belt Casey gave him]
    • Sensei: Not only does it represent my black belt in karate but it also helps keep my pants up.
    • [entering info on computer]
    • Sensei: Name? Casey...
    • Casey: Davies.
    • Sensei: That's a very feminine sounding name.
    • Casey: I'm going to kill you, Leslie.
    • [Sensei looks at Casey with surprise]
    • Casey: That's right. I found out your real name is Leslie. I called you that to make you angry. When you think about it, Leslie is a lot more feminine sounding than Casey.
    • Sensei: If a bear's forest catches on fire, the bear is still a bear. Even if a boat capsizes in rough seas and sinks to the bottom of the ocean with no survivors, it is still a boat.
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