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  • When Red returns to the pig's ship to go on board, his house is nowhere to be seen.
  • Piggy Island was way too far away for Mighty Eagle to see it from his perch, even though he was using binoculars.
  • When Leonard first descends the ramp from his ship there are more TNT boxes in the background than in subsequent shots.
  • In the beginning shot Red is seen swinging from a vine for 8-10 seconds, yet the entire time the vine is straight up and down, never at an angle as would be expected if it was providing momentum.
  • In the overhead shot of the celebration for the pigs' arrival, Leonard and Ross are sitting at a table with The Judge seated between them. Then it quickly jumps to a close-up, and the three are now dancing behind the chairs.
  • When Chuck shows what Red had done to Billy the Sign Board when he first arrived at the Anger Management Class while telling poems, a red feather is shown, exposing it to be the work of Red. Yet when we saw the attack for ourselves, none of his feathers were left behind.
  • The trek Red makes to the Family of Birds with the Hatchday Cake is perilous and takes some time, even though they are living in the same village as the other birds.
  • Why is it that Mighty Eagle has been able to fly and the other birds have not?
  • It took less time for the Birds to get to Piggy Island (judging how not that far apart they are) than it took the pigs to get to and from their island.
  • Before the Birds set sail in the boat they made out of TNT Crates, Hal is tied up with the ropes that hold the crates together, but when they arrive at Piggy Island, he no longer is tied up.
  • When Chuck and Red are in the King Pig's castle, then they are in the corridor, then Chuck is opening all the doors and then Red is opening a door when he sees two pigs in dresses, they are looking the same as the girls in Shining, and they're holding their hands. So this is a reference to Shining.
  • The mighty eagle uses his lake of wisdom to pee in. Birds cannot urinate.
  • Previous poster... "The mighty eagle uses his lake of wisdom to pee in. Birds cannot urinate." It make come as a shock, but birds (AND pigs!) can't actually talk either.


  • Why do the pigs crash their ship into Red's house? This way they only make themselves suspicious in the eyes of Red.
  • Leonard never thinks that using a candle in a room full of explosives would cause them to explode, which led to his defeat in the end.
  • One of the Pigs hadn't thought that saying "Omelet" to the Camera when the Birds take a picture of them would have given away the fact that they're after their eggs, since Omelets come from Eggs.
  • Why didn't the Birds rebuild Chuck and Bomb's houses at the end of the film (Bomb's shouldn't have even blown up, since it has the structure of a Bomb Shelter that would be immune to himself blowing up), allowing them to stay with Red at his Newly Placed House?
  • As Mighty Eagle is unable to fly away with the net of eggs due to being held back by Leonard and the Other Pigs, the net breaks open, sending one of the eggs bouncing back into the castle, urging Red to go back for it. But while Mighty Eagle is flying back to the other birds, the net's no longer broken.
  • When Red and Chuck find Bomb in the walls of Leonard's Castle after he was launched over by Terence, Chuck says that it's his rear end he's saying, though Red corrects him by saying it's his face. Chuck was actually right about what he said.
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