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    • [first lines]
    • Carlos: Are people crazy? Does anybody consider the chance to be free? Going wherever you want; however you want. We all have a destiny. I am a natural-born thief. I don't believe in "this is yours, and this is mine".
    • Aurora: You think a normal person would have done what you did?
    • [unmoved]
    • Carlos: Yes.
    • Ramón: You're cute, blondie. You remind me of a girl I used to date.
    • Carlos: You can keep the vinyl too.
    • Miguel: I hate poor people. Well, I'm poor myself, so I choose to look the other way.
    • Gemelas: Why do you carry a gun?
    • Carlos: The street is getting weird. You can't go around defenseless. It's for your safety too. What do I tell your parents if something were to happen to you?
    • [shows her two guns under his waistband]
    • Carlos: One for you and one for your sister.
    • Ramón: Is it true what they say about twins?
    • Gemelas: What?
    • Ramón: That if one of them feels something, the other one feels it too.
    • Gemelas: That depends. It has to be a very intense feeling.
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