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The Andromeda Strain

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  • Clip: Escaping with infection

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A team of top scientists work feverishly in a secret, state-of-the-art laboratory to discover what has killed the citizens of a small town and learn how this deadly contagion can be stopped.


  • Arthur Hill
  • David Wayne
  • James Olson
  • Kate Reid
  • Paula Kelly
  • George Mitchell
  • Ramon Bieri
  • Kermit Murdock
  • Richard O'Brien
  • Peter Hobbs

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Robert Wise's adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel about a deadly space pathogen trades in the genre's cosmic pulp and head-trippiness for a procedural-like seriousness. Germaphobes, proceed with extreme caution.

Metacritic review by David Fear
David Fear
Rolling Stone

The Andromeda Strain is a splendid entertainment that will get you worried about whether they'll be able to contain that strange blob of alien green crystal.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

Wise (and Crichton) concoct the most absorbing, riveting take on science fiction tempered with science fact.

Metacritic review by Ian Nathan
Ian Nathan