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  • In one scene, the T800 is seen with a dog cuddling up next to him. In the first two Terminator films it is established that dogs bark incessantly and become agitated when a Terminator is present, hence the reason why they are used to help humans in detecting them. However, in this movie the scene is used to suggest that the T800 has changed and is no longer the same machine it once was. In addition, if the dog was raised around a terminator there is no reason it would not be used to being around one.
  • It has been suggested that in the second film, which was set in 1995, John Connor appeared to be a teenager who was, based on his appearance and voice in some scenes, just entering puberty, and since in the opening scene of this film is set in 1998, John hasn't aged/grown nearly as much as he should have in that time. However, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), while Edward Furlong who played him was 14, the actual character of John Connor was only 10, and as the opening scene of this film is set three years later means that John would only be 13.
  • Grace has incredible strength, speed, and agility, and is able to go one on one with the Rev - 9 advanced terminator, yet there are several scenes where Grace visibly struggles to restrain Dani, a slight human female, much smaller than her. This is likely because Grace does not want to injure Dani.
  • Rev-9 uses nanobots to control machines but does attempt not use them to reprogram the T-800 Terminator nor Grace's cybernetic enhancements. * Legion and Cyberdyne machines are foreign technology to each other, Also the Rev-9 never showed that it had the ability to control machines when not connected to a source linked to satellite. Grace is augmented with Legion tech, she's not a machine.
  • The processor in T-800 Terminators is set to 'read only' when they are sent out alone so are unable to learn unless the switch is manually reset, however, the T-800 in Dark Fate states that it learned from humanity to integrate into it which it should not have been able to do. * All T-800s are aware of the 'read and write' mode in their CPU. After completing his mission Carl had no purpose so it could have got it manually switched from 'read only' whenever it wanted to. Or he could have already been in 'read and write' mode the whole time. -Additionally, the idea that the Terminator's CPU is set to "read only" is solely from the extended cut of T2. In the theatrical cut, the Terminator is implied to be automatically set to "read and write."
  • Several patrol cars at Mexico City have the words 'Policía Municipal' Written on them, which means municipal police. However, Mexico City has no municipalities, and contrary to a patrol car from any other state in the country, no official vehicles are labeled as 'municipal'.
  • When Dani, Grace and Sarah are sitting on the porch discussing tactics with Carl, the beer bottle in Dani's hand moves between the table and her hand in between shots.
  • During the riot in the US immigration detention center Sara Connor, who is being escorted out of the facility by local police but still in the main holding area manages to get a hold of a gun from one of the police officers sent to transfer her. No firearms are allowed in a main holding area so they would have not had a gun on them.
  • Carl is supposed to be "400 lbs" yet he is sitting on a deck chair that seems to hold the weight without any kind of straining or warping.
  • The movie shows both men and women put in the same cages at the detention center. In the United States, adults are always separated by gender.
  • When Sarah and Agent Rigby are in the stairwell fighting, her hands are supposed to be cuffed behind her back. When he pins her to the wall, she uses a free hand to push herself away from the wall. Also, they attached one cuff to each wrist with no chain the middle.
  • The early setting of the film is supposed to be Mexico City which is in a large temperate mountainous valley. It's clear from the surroundings in the film that they are in a desert plain which would actually be hundreds of miles north of Mexico City.
  • A C-5 has a takeoff speed of 150-175 miles per hour. It also ascends at a steep angle. You cannot stand on the ramp as shown in the film while it's taking off or in-flight.
  • Hitting a plane with another airplane will nearly always causes both to come apart in mid-air. The C-5 would have been falling in pieces , not remaining intact.
  • After finding Carl; they needed to leave early to go 94 miles to military base, besides taking the van why they didn't simply use the helicopter.
  • The USBP is shown using a 2000 Chevrolet SUV in 2020; the car would be 20 years old by that point so would have likely been long-since retired.
  • A BMW sedan in Mexico during the pickup truck chase is seen having a European-spec license plate frame.
  • There's a 2006 Audi Q7 driving around in Mexico; the first Q7s sold in North America were 2007 models.
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser the protagonists drive is missing headrests in the front two seats.
  • A Volkswagen Golf hit by the Rev-9's truck has a European-spec license plate frame.
  • The Rev-9's truck strikes a SEAT Ibiza during the chase scene in Mexico; it is a Spanish car.
  • The Rev-9 shows up to pursue the lead characters near Laredo wearing an El Paso PD uniform and flying an El Paso PD helicopter. El Paso is almost 600 miles away from Laredo.
  • When the lead characters get apprehended by the USBP near Laredo, an El Paso PD car is present. El Paso is more than 600 miles away from Laredo by car.
  • After they escape from the Terminator on the plane Grace is holding a cup in her right hand but in the next shot her hand is on the wall & the cup has vanished.
  • In one scene Diego is seen putting on his shirt. In the next scene he has managed to put a t-shirt under the shirt.
  • The very first scene after the flashback on the beach as the water coming in reveals the skulls. Each successive "wave" uncovers the two skulls in the frame. As the camera pans down away to more skulls the "waves" apparently stop washing in.


  • "Carl", the T-800 living in society after completing its mission, would be easily recognized and wanted by authorities for murdering John Connor in 1998, destroying Skynet in 1995, and killing 17 LAPD officers in 1984 (all with multiple witnesses). He would not be able to own and operate a drapery business.
  • Dani and Sarah visit young Grace in the end, but would likely be in custody or unable to freely roam in public after the events at the military base, border facility, and the dam. They would be high profile fugitives and all over the news.
  • Gabriel / REV-9's primary mission is to kill Dani Ramos. When Gabriel has commandeered the military aircraft, and catches up to the military aircraft that was commandeered by Grace, Sarah, Dani, and Carl, Gabriel has the perfect opportunity to cause a mid-air collision and wipe everyone out in a fiery plane crash. Instead, Gabriel nudges his aircraft against the one with Grace et. al. on board so he can sneak on to kill Dani directly. This gives the good guys the time and opportunity to get away. It would've been better to cause an immediate mid-air collision and then follow-up afterwards to confirm the kill, as Gabriel surely would've survived the crash.
  • When Grace shoots Dani's father, she is using a standard 12 gauge pump shotgun. Grace clearly fires 13 rounds without reloading, this is not possible because standard 12 gauge shotguns can hold only hold a maximum of 10 rounds.
  • Despite being shot with a shotgun at close range, there's almost no blood on John Connor or the ground surrounding him.
  • The events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) had stopped the creation of Skynet, thus creating the alternate future of Legion established by this movie. This time-line change means that the 2nd T-800 (Carl) sent back by Skynet to kill John Connor in 1998 would not have happened at all.
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