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  • In one scene, the T800 (Schwarzenegger) is seen with a dog cuddling up next to him. In the first two Terminator films it is established that dogs bark incessantly and become agitated when a Terminator is present, hence the reason why they are used to help humans in detecting them. However, in this movie the scene is used to suggest that the T800 has changed and is no longer the same machine it once was. In addition, if the dog was raised around a terminator there is no reason it would not be used to being around one.
  • When Alicia bids goodbye to Carl and gets into her car, she appears to accidentally nudge Carl with the car door.
  • It has been suggested that in the second film, which was set in 1995, John Connor appeared to be a teenager who was, based on his appearance and voice in some scenes, just entering puberty, and since in the opening scene of this film is set in 1998, John hasn't aged/grown nearly as much as he should have in that time. However, in Terminator 2, whilst the actor that played him was 14, the actual character of John Connor was only 10, and as the opening scene of this film is set three years later means that John would only be 13.
  • One of the first things Sarah does is throws a phone out her car window since it can be used as a tracking device by a Terminator hunting them. Yet not long after, she and her companions get on a train - surrounded by tons of people carrying and using phones, all of which the terminator could presumably use for this purpose as well.
  • Grace has incredible strength, speed, and agility, and is able to go one on one with the Rev - 9 advanced terminator. Yet there are several scenes where Grace visibly struggles to restrain Danni, a slight human female, much smaller than her.
  • Given the fact the T1000 was an advanced model of Terminator, and obviously created after the T800, it would have been unlikely Skynet would have chosen to send back an inferior T800 to pursue John Connor (even if it ultimately succeeded) after more advanced Terminators (such as the T1000) were available.
  • The model of terminator (Carl) who ends up killing John Connor in the 1998 flashback in beginning of the movie wouldn't have been sent back to kill him as the future with Skynet taking over had been changed due to the events of Terminator 2. The new future would have already been on track to become Legion who didn't create terminators with the look of the T-800 model, chrome skeleton with Schwarzenegger's features. Even if the erased Skynet future had sent 3 models back from extremely close time points in the future, a more advanced model would have been sent as the first two had failed to change the time line to get rid of future John Connor.
  • "Carl" the T800 living in society after completing it's mission would be easily recognized and wanted by authorities for murdering John Connor in 1998, destroying Skynet in 1995, and killing 30 LAPD officers in 1984 (all with multiple witnesses). He would not be able to own and operate a drapery business.
  • Dani and Sarah visit young Grace in the end, but would likely be in custody or unable to freely roam in public after the events at the military base, border facility, and Hoover Dam. They would be high profile fugitives and all over the news.
  • Sarah Connor states she is wanted in all 50 states, and was the subject of an entire Americas Most Wanted, but doesn't explain how she managed to cross the border with 2 cars and an entire arsenal of weapons.
  • Sarah Connor said shes been hunting Terminators for 20 years since John died, but there's no mention of who the targets could possibly be. Also, Sarah only learned of Legion from Grace, but how could she not be aware of it after stopping Terminators for years after Skynet was erased from history?
  • Rev-9 uses nanobots to control machines but does attempt not use them to reprogram the T-800 Terminator nor Grace's cybernetic enhancements.
  • The processor in T-800 Terminators is set to 'read only' when they are sent out alone so are unable to learn unless the switch is manually reset, however, the T-800 in Dark Fate states that it learned from humanity to integrate into it which it should not have been able to do.
  • During an early scene it is shown that Rev-9 shape-shifting liquid metal can pass through solid objects, however at the Border Patrol Rev-9 fails to walking through the chain link fence of the detainee cages and is slowed by a crowd, when it should have just passed straight through.
  • In the original solid metal can not pass through the time portal without being broken, the terminator can only pass through because it is encased by living tissue which generates a bio-electric field. In the second film the T-1000 is made of liquid metal wrapped in a cocoon made of living tissue for time travel. As Rev-9 is solid metal it should not have been able to time travel.
  • Many of the goofs, and the original IMDB cast info refers to the Terminator that killed John Connor as a T-800, when he actually identifies himself upon first introduction as a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.
  • Several patrol cars at Mexico City have the words 'Policía Municipal' Written on them, which means municipal police. However, Mexico City has no municipalities, and contrary to a patrol car from any other state in the country, no official vehicles are labeled as 'municipal'.
  • Dani Ramos full name is shown written as 'Daniella Ramos' in the subtitles for Spanish dialogue. The correct spelling of the name in Mexico and any other Spanish speaking country is 'Daniela' with a single L.
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