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  • While Stiles is van surfing, a police motorcycle escort with its hazard lights on is briefly visible in the bottom left of the frame.
  • After Scott first "wolfs out", he talks to Stiles and closes his locker door. In the next shot the locker door is open again.
  • Coming out of the shower, Scott's underwear is visible under his towel.
  • On the way to the party when Stiles is surfing on top of the van, they pass the same "Jack in the Box" twice.
  • When Scott comes out of the locker room for the big game and talks to his coach, his face is dry. However, when he gets in the huddle, his face is obviously sweaty as if he's been playing, when in fact he's hasn't entered the game yet.
  • There are no palm trees in Nebraska.
  • Basketball double is significantly taller than Michael J. Fox.
  • As Scott talks to his father through his bathroom door, Scott's jacket (resting on the closed toilet) changes position several times between shots.
  • The van that Scott drives home (and parks up on the curb) seems to be missing the next morning when the outside of his house is shown.
  • Scott's locker while talking to Boof.
  • The line "On top of everything else, there was a full moon last night" by Scott clearly dubbed in as he turns around.
  • When Stiles says to Scott, "It's looking good out there, babe" and Scott replies "Yeah, how would you know Stiles?" You can clearly see Stiles's voice is dubbed.
  • Camera dolly tracks visible reflected in the shop windows.
  • At the dance, Stiles' position changes as Teen Wolf walks down the line of people. First he is seen standing next to Mick, then he is further down the line.
  • During the big game, the coach says to a player, "That's a purple heart, kid." By watching his mouth, it's clear that he is simply chewing bubble gum, and not talking.
  • After Scott makes his big entrance for the championship game, he is seen throwing his gym bag on the floor twice.
  • The day after Scott learns he is a wolf, Pamela notices that "something is different about him". Scott closes his locker, but when Boof talks to him a few seconds later, the locker is open again.
  • During the beginning of the Championship, a soaking wet #23 (Doug Savant) is dramatically fouled. The coach then yells for a time out. Standing next to the assistant is none other than #23 with hair completely dry, complaining about the same foul that just injured him. The very next clip is #23 laying on floor, then he is helped to the bench.
  • In the showers after the game when the wolf passes behind the lockers, as soon he gets into the shower you can see his bare shoulder and an obvious wolf mask instead of an elaborated makeup.
  • The scoreboard reads 36-15. Then the Dragons score a basket (38 points). Later the scoreboard is shown reading 36-26.
  • When Scott and Boof are walking to school talking about the upcoming dance, the book bag that Scott is holding changes hands.
  • In the game against the Cadets (first game in which Scott turns into the wolf), Scott is fouled right after the opening tip-off. As this was not a shooting foul or the 6th foul committed by the Cadets, Scott would not have been awarded any free throws.
  • When Scott turned into a wolf and was riding/dancing on the top of the truck a support wire is clearly visible when he is doing a handstand.
  • In close up, the transition from Michael J Fox's face to his partial makeup is very visible. Even in his full face mask loose latex is visible on his lips.
  • Pamela says: "Wolves aren't supposed to be shy!" Wolves are actually very shy around humans.
  • During the Surfing USA montage, during the sequence of back flips, if you look closely you can see a pair of handles on the roof of the van for the stuntman to hold onto. The most obvious angle is during the last back flip.
  • Crew visible in trophy case when Scott bangs on the door after leaving the dance.
  • At the end of the scene where Boof is playing basketball with Scott's father, Boof leaves and Harold proceeds to play on his own. After his final shot he celebrates with both fists in the air, however his shot clearly hits the rim and bounces out.


  • In the very end shot after Boof and Scott hug, Pamela can be seen in the bottom left hand corner of the screen cheering and clapping with a guy in a brown jacket, then turning very sour faced after glancing towards the camera.
  • In the last scene, before the slow motion kicks in, when Scott's dad comes down from the bleachers you can see a girl in a red shirt and blue jeans. Her fly is unzipped and she finally realizes it and tries to pull her shirt down over it before zipping up her pants. When that doesn't work, she puts her jacket over her front side covering herself up.
  • When a kid in the hardware store blows a dog whistle, our hero is noticeably affected by it, while his father drones on talking, unaffected. But later in the film it is revealed that his father is also a werewolf, so he should have been affected by the whistle.
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