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  • Iris's sunglasses change from green to blue when they're having breakfast. This is a character quirk; she changes her glasses periodically, as the person Iris was modeled on did this.
  • When Travis sits down with Wizard and Doughboy at the Belmore, he orders a cup of coffee. Seconds later, when he puts the Alka-Seltzer tablets into his water glass, a hamburger is on his plate.
  • Easy Andy claims that the .44 Magnum revolver will "stop a car at a hundred yards, put a round right through the engine block." It actually won't penetrate an engine block at that range, and the shooter will have little hope of damaging or disabling a component of the engine that will disable the vehicle (such as shorting out the battery or causing the coolant to drain out). However, it's obviously part of his sales pitch.
  • In the shot from Travis' point of view, when he passes the Palantine office and sees that Betsy is not at her desk, the cameraman and dolly grip are clearly reflected in the window.
  • When Iris eats dinner with Travis while wearing green glasses, her hair changes throughout the scene.
  • Fare on meter when Travis' passenger is the cuckolded husband.
  • When Travis meets with Betsy the first time at the Palantine office, an overhead shot shows him beginning to sweep his arm through the air above the desk. In the next shot, from the front, his arms are in a different position.
  • When Travis leaves the garage after applying for a taxi driving job, his jacket is unzipped. In the next shot, Travis emerges onto the sidewalk with his jacket halfway zipped.
  • The black-market gun dealer misidentifies the .380 Astra Constable in his case as a Walther PPK. The guns are very similar, so it could be an easy mistake or a deliberate lie. He tells Travis the Walther PPK .380 replaced the P-38 as the standard German military sidearm in WW2, which is false. The P-38, a full-size pistol, replaced the P-08 (Luger) as the standard military sidearm. The PPK was a compact pistol for use by police (PP stood for Polizeipistole) and personal protection, not as a combat sidearm.
  • Reflected in a storefront window, in a drive-by shot of the campaign headquarters.
  • In an earlier version, Iris's timekeeper discovers a weapon on Travis, disarms him, then returns it to him as he's leaving. The scene was edited out, but the gun is still in the timekeeper's hand when he looks at his watch.
  • When Travis buys the guns from Easy Andy, he buys a S&W model 61, which he was told was a Colt .25. Later, at the range, he fires a Colt .25. In the second range scene, Travis's Colt .38 Special becomes a Colt Detective's Special.
  • The length of Travis' sleeves (after cutting one off).
  • Travis burns the flowers in the sink. Soon after, when he puts money in an envelope, the flowers are on the floor behind him.
  • When Travis is talking to the Wizard, facing the street, flashing lights from a police car appear on Travis' face. The camera immediately goes to Wizard, who is facing Travis, with no police car behind him. Seconds later a police car pulls up, lights flashing, across the street.
  • When Travis puts the 380 Walther on the suitcase with the other guns, they are are side by side at the same angle. In the next shot, the Walther is at a different angle.
  • When Travis is negotiating with Matthew for Iris' services, an off-camera voice says "But no rough stuff." just before Matthew says it.
  • The first time Travis has coffee with Betsy, Travis' voice-over states that he had black coffee. A few moments later, milky coffee is visible.
  • According to the exterior shot, and the Then-and-Now Special Feature on the 2-disc DVD, Iris lived at 226 East 13th Street. Travis writes "240 East 13th Street" on the envelope containing the letter and $500.
  • The glass into which Travis drops the Alka-Seltzer tablet suddenly appears in front of him. Only a coffee cup was there before.
  • While Travis is checking the .44 Magnum revolver offered by the gun dealer, the cylinder emits a clicking sound while he spins it. In fact, the cylinder of a double action revolver such as this one does not click when it is rotated.
  • While Travis is examining various guns with the gun dealer, the latter states that the German Walther PPK pistol replaced the P.38 pistol during World War II. In fact, only a small number of PPK's were issued to German forces during the war. Most German sidearms were P.38's and Lugers.
  • When Travis is buying the guns, he holds the gun in his right hand, but he sights down the weapon with his left eye. Although this is uncommon there are a number of right handed shooters who are "Left-eye dominant". This can be uncomfortable when shooting high powered handguns as the hammer tends to kiss the shooters forehead.
  • When Travis and Iris are having breakfast, there's three slices of toast on her plate, though slightly later when the camera returns, there's at least five slices.
  • When Travis and Iris are having breakfast at the coffee shop, the parked cars seen through the window behind Travis, change between every shot.
  • When Travis and Iris are eating breakfast, she is spreading jam and sprinkling sugar on a piece of toast. When she places the second piece of toast on her creation to make a sandwich, the two pieces are not aligned as they would be in the loaf. But once they are viewed on her plate they are now aligned.
  • The aluminum runner that Travis pops off the side of his desk drawer is not the same one that appears on the retractable arm-holster he constructs.
  • In the scene where Travis is watching the music programme on TV, the 44 Magnum goes from resting on the right side of his head to pointed up at the ceiling.
  • In the diner, when Iris suggests to Travis that he goes to the commune with her and he replies by saying that he doesn't go to places like that or get along with those kind of people, the front view shows Travis smiling and when the camera goes to a side view, he is not smiling.
  • When Travis is shopping for a gun, the first semi-auto he picks up is misidentified as a 'Colt .25 automatic'. The pistol in question is a Smith & Wesson Model 61 Escort, and it was only produced in .22 LR, not the .25 ACP.
  • Travis, a Marine Corps veteran who states he was discharged in 1973, wears embroidered Navy parachute wings on oval cloth patches on the two military jackets (one of which is an anachronistic WWII-era "tanker" jacket) he wears in the film, which would indicate he was in Marine Force Reconnaissance (Recon). The wings patches are incorrectly placed on the right breasts of the jackets, as U.S. military qualification insignia are always worn on the left breast.
  • Travis is shown, and buys, a very small S&W Model 61 pistol, silver with white grips, which the black market gun runner misidentifies as being a Colt. Later Travis fires the guns he bought at a shooting range, but the small silver and white pistol is an Italian Armi-Galesi .25 ACP Nickel Pocket Pistol, not a Smith & Wesson. Later still Travis has the S&W Model 61 again.
  • When Travis oils his sliding gun contraption, he does not take the cap of the oil bottle. The 3-in-1 oil does not have a removable cap. The red thing on the tip is a closure. You pull on it to open and press to close. It does not remove completely.
  • Travis has a shorter haircut only for the "Secret Service guy" scene.
  • New Jersey ZIP codes would not start with a 6; those are in the Midwest. The Secret Service guy didn't catch that, though he caught that there were too many digits in the one Travis gave as "Henry."
  • Iris's hair is first tucked under the bows of the green glasses, then, without her touching it, her hair is untucked.
  • When Travis is practicing with his handguns in front of the mirror he is wearing the shoulder holster for his Model 29 .44 Magnum improperly. The shoulder strap for a modern concealment shoulder holster is never worn across the chest so that it is visible to casual observers. It is worn around the opposite shoulder. He wears the shoulder holster for his snub-nose revolver properly.
  • On a newspaper clipping at the end about Iris and her family, Pittsburgh is misspelled as "Pittsburg," without the "h."
  • In the panning shot where Travis runs away from Palantine's bodyguards his chaser can be seen intentionally bumping into two bystanders.
  • Travis says July when reading out loud his message to his parents on the anniversary card. When the card is shown on screen, it appears to read June.
  • When Tom escorts Travis out of the Palintine HQ, there is a crack in the lower part of the glass door. When Travis pushes open the door it swings open and hits the stop, the glass breaks out of the door frame and falls on the steps. The glass shattering can be heard in the dialog track. Tom (Albert Brooks) notices this but ignores it and calls for the policeman across the street.
  • When Betsy gets into Travis's cab in the final sequence, she never tells him where to take her. He just starts driving.
  • The first time we see Travis enter Iris' building, after meeting Matthew, we see a woman standing on the first floor balcony over the door wearing a yellow top and people in the windows. The next day, after Travis and Iris have lunch together, we again see the building and the exact same people are in the exact same positions including the lady in the yellow.
  • Obvious discontinuity when Travis and Betsy exit the adult cinema and begin to argue, right after Travis is left speechless.
  • Obvious discontinuity when one drives says to another he should have advised the two guys he drove to go to California.
  • Travis eyes are closed just a shot after he is shown sitting with open eyes.


  • When the store clerk beats the dead robber, the body goes from sitting up against the counter, to lying down, to sitting up again between shots.
  • When Iris' john shoots Travis in the arm, the gunfire sound occurs a split second after the trigger is pulled.
  • When Travis is shot in the shoulder, he drops the .38 down the stairs. In the next shot, the gun drops to the floor, to his right.
  • In some viewers' interpretation, the last segments of the film are a dream sequence, so many "errors" are simply the experience of being in dreams. That interpretation is not universally held, so these goofs are included on this page for your judgment.
  • At the end, (after the police arrive) the camera does an aerial shot over the scene. Sport is still holding his weapon. Whether wounded or dead, the police having passed by, he would not have left the weapon in his hand.
  • Before the climatic shoot out scene near the end, Travis approaches Matthew and begins conversation. Matthew becomes agitated and kicks Travis leading him getting shot in the abdomen. As Matthew falls you can see a wire on his left side dangling below his thigh presumably from the gunshot squib.
  • When Travis presses his neck wound with his hand after he is shot, his bald skin cap wrinkles [confirmed by makeup artist Dick Smith].
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