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  • A lot of the gorier scenes were deleted in order to secure a PG-13 rating, but the deleted scenes were shown exclusively in the Italian dub.
  • The uncut version will be released on Blu-Ray for the first time in November of 2019 by Vinegar Syndrome.
  • Paul Walker and Denise Richards' first feature films.
  • Writer/director Stewart Rafill said in an interview that the idea for this film only happened because they had access to a full size T-Rex animatronic. A guy came to him who owned theatres in South America and he said he had the T-Rex that was going to a park in Texas. The eyes worked. The arms moved. The head moved. He told Rafill he wanted to use it to make a movie. Rafill asked what the story was and the guy said there wasn't one yet, but they had to start filming within the month because he only had the T-Rex for two weeks. So Rafill wrote the story in a week and worked on the script as a yet filmed. He even said he was constantly asking the cast and crew if they have anything better they could add.
  • To save on money, all the locations were within 25 minutes of the director's house. During the production there was a big fire that destroyed lots of properties. Smoke can be seen in the background in some scenes.
  • In the end credits the first credit is Denise Richards who is listed as "Tanny" and not "Tammy".
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