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    • Anand Kumar: What happened ? Did you get scared ? What are you scared of ? What is there for you to lose ? Anything ? Then what are you scared of ? How will hunger, fatigue or illness affect you ? Will you die ? All of you died the day you were born in an underprivileged family.
    • Anand Kumar: These rich people made smooth and beautiful roads for themselves and dug massive potholes in our path. But this turned out to be their mistake, as these potholes trained us to jump. When the time comes, we will be the ones to make the highest and the longest jump.
    • Rajendra Kumar (Anand Kumar's father): Times have changed, the days of hereditary monarchy are behind us. To be the next king is not a birthright of the king's children anymore, instead only those who are qualified enough to be the king have the right to be one.
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