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  • "Sunrise in Heaven" is a low budget indie film that was shot in Los Angeles, California in 2018 and released in 2019. It was originally called "His Sunrise, My Sunset" but renamed after prior to being released.
  • Jenna Stone, Aitana Rinab, Annalisa Cochrane, Annalisa Cochrane and Sarah Grey auditioned for the part of Jan Hurst, but the role eventually went to Caylee Cowan after 3 rounds of callbacks.
  • Actress Caylee Cowan met Jan Hurst prior to filming in preparation for her role. Caylee took Jan and her granddaughter Darby out for lunch at the Chateau Marmont. In an interview Caylee stated that she was aware of other more seasoned actors such as Margot Robbie not meeting the person they were going to play but Caylee felt it was important for the film and for her character's development.
  • The iconic look Jan gives actor Travis Burns who portrays Steve at the end of the in the 'chow hall' sequence was demonstrated by the real Jan Hurst to actress Caylee Cowan so she could replicate it on screen.
  • Jan Hurst was often told by her mother that she couldn't go to school because she was "just a girl."
  • All footage was shot for this film in 11 days. The scene where Corbin Bernsen and Travis Burns clean the garage and Caylee Cowan defends him on the 4th of July while fire works were going off. The cameras kept rolling and nearly all the audio for those scenes were adjusted with ADR in post.
  • Caylee Cowan did not meet Bonnie Burroughs the actress who portrays adult Jan, until they were called in several months after filming wrapped for ADR work.
  • Travis Burns and Connor McRaith both read for the part of Steve and met at callbacks, but only Travis Burns read in the room with Caylee Cowan.
  • Caylee Cowan and Aitana Rinab both read for the part of Jan. Aitana and Caylee had only met each other once about a year ago when on modeling shoot for a swimwear line.
  • Travis Burns is married to Aussie actress and neighbors costar Emma Lane
  • The foreign cut has been renamed "Forever Love"
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