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Summer of 85 (Eté 85)

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Jun 18, 2021

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While boating, Alexis's boat capsizes and almost drowns before being rescued by David, who ultimately ends up as the friend of his dreams.


  • Félix Lefebvre
  • Benjamin Voisin
  • Philippine Velge
  • Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
  • Melvil Poupaud
  • Isabelle Nanty
  • Laurent Fernandez
  • Aurore Broutin
  • Bruno Lochet
  • Yoann Zimmer

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Sep 17, 2020

While the film does struggle a bit with some jumbled tonality, the latest work from the famously prolific French filmmaker strikes a new and surprisingly stirring combination of steamy and sweet thanks to the love story at its core.

Marshall Shaffer
Jul 24, 2020

An intense and touching tale of first love set over a six-week period, Summer Of 85 blends the energy of youth with the curveballs of fate in a pleasant, keenly acted package that, despite a tragic core, will send all but the most strait-laced curmudgeon out of the cinema smiling.

Lisa Nesselson
Screen Daily
Jul 17, 2020

Here, the story and the characters' supposed naiveté and the almost-too-obvious stylistic flourishes aren't just nods to his younger, less-refined m.o. They are actually part of a master storyteller's tools to seduce a grown-up audience into considering how youngsters not only experience their own lives but also how they process and talk about them.

Metacritic review by Boyd van Hoeij
Boyd van Hoeij
The Hollywood Reporter