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    • Nicole: So, how do you know my dad?
    • Stu: He kidnapped me. We killed some people.
    • Nicole: Huh.
    • Vic: It's a baby gun. It allows you to fire it while crying.
    • [from trailer]
    • [jokingly]
    • Stu: Hey, lemme guess, you want me to drive you to all the Sarah Connors in the city?
    • [impatiently]
    • Vic: Koreatown, now!
    • Vic: You've got brass balls.
    • Stu: Don't talk about my balls!
    • Vic: It's me and you.
    • Stu: Leave my balls out of it!
    • Vic: We're a team buddy.
    • [Tedjo is about to shoot Nicole]
    • [to Vic]
    • Oka Tedjo: I'm going to take away everything you love.
    • [incredulous after Stu tries to guess his ethnicity]
    • Vic: And *I'm* the racist one?
    • [on Vic's impersonation of Leon]
    • Stu: Wow... what other racist stereotypes can you do?
    • [Stu's Uber car explodes]
    • Stu: Nooo! It was a lease! How could it explode? It didn't have any fuel in it.
    • [the answer dawns on Stu]
    • Stu: The propane tanks.
    • Leon: It's going down tonight.
    • [after Stu attempts to hug him]
    • Vic: Save that for a tree.
    • [about his boss]
    • Stu: He's the second worst guy I've ever met.
    • Vic: Who's the first?
    • Stu: I'll give you a hint. It's you.
    • Stu: Do you remember that part of NeverEnding Story where Atreyu walks through the oracle gates and those guys, big statue things, can see a warrior's true internal nature and that super scary knight just vaporizes because deep down he doesn't believe in himself?
    • Vic: Yeah?
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