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  • When Vic and Stu are supposed to be driving to Long Beach, for some reason they are using the Vincent Thomas Bridge to get there and driving away from Long Beach and toward San Pedro.
  • After the bad guy kicks out the rear passenger side window of the Uber vehicle, there are several scenes where the window is back and undamaged.
  • When Stu is messaging Becca, there seems to be a horse's tail hanging next to the window, in the first shot.
  • When Stu's car runs out of power, it comes to a stop parallel with the curb. But moments later when it gets hit, the car is at a jaunty angle.
  • At the beginning of the film, when Vic and Sara are heading to the penthouse, the doors open, a shot is made, but as they dive for cover or even slightly after - an overlay-ed voice says "get out the way", for some reason.
  • Stu accidentally shoots the thug in the leg and Vic leads them to an Animal Hospital; the boom microphone is reflected in the window as Vic swings the passenger door open.
  • When Vic calls for backup, Angie answers the call. She puts her phone up to her right ear. Then in the next shot it is to her left ear. Then back to the right. Also she has her hair between her ear and the phone, and then over the phone, and then back under again.
  • After the Nissan Leaf tumbles and flips down the embankment, it lands on its roof. The battery pack is clearly missing.
  • Tedjo shoots the back of the van full of people. Nobody is hit. When the van is outside the building and the doors open, the bullet holes are gone.
  • Stu doesn't understand how the electric Nissan Leaf could catch fire, since it has no gasoline on board. The propane is blamed. An electric car can indeed catch fire if its battery pack is damaged. The car was just in a severe crash with flips so that would be rather likely.
  • Stu's phone apparently only has the Uber [passenger] app installed. Uber drivers don't accept rides thru the standard Uber passenger app. They use a separate app called "Uber Driver".
  • Early in the film, Stu reads a negative 1-Star review from a passenger named Lauren. In reality, for privacy reasons, drivers never see ratings. reviews, or comments left by specific passengers. They are always anonymous and never quoted verbatim.
  • Stu's Uber Pool passenger says her name is Melanie, but her 1-Star review shows her name as "Eleni"
  • During the final chase Tedjo's Lexus SUVs become Chevy Tahoes.
  • The whole premise of the movie with Vic not being able to see after Lasik is incorrect. After the Lasik procedure, patients are usually able to see better immediately following the surgery. He/ she is then given a PM pain reliever and told to take a nap for a few hours after returning home. After 2-3 hours rest vision is vastly improved . The patients vision never gets worse.
  • If Stu's car is a lease, as he claims, he would not be eligible for the FIVESTAR vanity plate it's wearing.
  • The film takes place in Los Angeles, but when Stu's car explodes, Atlanta's iconic 191 Peachtree Tower features prominently in the background.
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