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  • When the family is riding around in the taxi looking for Stuart, the baby girl bounces back and forth several times between sleeping and being awake. It appears to be the same shot of her every time you see her sleeping.
  • When Stuart confronts Falcon in the Pishkin Building, Stuart and Margalo are alternately standing on and off of the grillwork surrounding the water valve on which Falcon is perched.
  • In the final shot of the movie, as the family leave the rooftop, Mum is holding out her hand as though she is carrying Stuart, but he is not there.
  • When the family is riding in the taxi chasing after Stuart, the baby girl is securely strapped into an infant carrier. When they climb out of the taxi, the baby girl is in the mother's arms and the infant carrier is nowhere to be seen.
  • Snowbell runs up to the back door of the cab trying to get the Littles' attention. However, when the cab moves away from him, he is now standing directly in front of it.
  • Falcon's wingspan is noticeably shorter in the "Going up!" scene in which he carries Stuart's plane higher into the air.
  • When Irwin gets hit in the stomach with the soccer ball it bounces off of him, but in the next shot of him he is holding the ball.
  • Toward the beginning of the film when Stuart flies the model plane outside and crashes it, his mother, father, brother, and friend all run out the house and into the park to chase after him. This means the baby was, presumably, left alone in the house - or, the writers just forgot about her completely.
  • When Falcon is arguing with the yellow bird, they are atop the Chrysler Building according to the eagle decals, but when they swoop down, they are next to Central Park. The two are nowhere near each other.
  • When the white cat exits the can to get the Little's attention, he is last seen at the rear wheel of the taxi, but at the next shot, he is back at the can's opening.
  • Mrs. Little refers to Crenshaw as Mr. Little's uncle at the beginning of the film but Crenshaw is his brother.
  • When Stuart calls home on the pay phone, he is speaking into the wrong end of the receiver.


  • After the falcon puts Margalo in the paint can and puts the lid on, the holes in the lid are elongated but when Snowbell is trying to get the lid off to let Margalo out, the holes are perfectly round.
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