Steamboat Bill, Jr.

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Bill Jr. is returning home to his steamboat captain father (played with scene stealing perfection by craggy Ernest Torrence) after spending his entire youth far away from the riverboat world with his mother. Dad is hoping for a big strapping lad to help him out on his dilapidated boat but a delicate soul turns up with an absurd ukulele tucked under his arm and even more absurd hat on his head. Needless to say, things go downhill from there. Worse, Keaton has fallen for the daughter of his father's arch rival in the steamboat business. Keaton's face remains serenely impeccable throughout the escalating maelstrom of comedy climaxing in the most extraordinary sight gag in history-the falling wall of a house (with a small window strategically placed), literally weighing tons, missing our hero with inches to spare on either side. It's only one in a seemingly endless series of thrilling sight gags and stunts. Still in a class of its own giddy and heart-stopping perfection, there is no better place to experience it than sitting in an historic theatre, watching the master himself up on the big screen.


  • Buster Keaton
  • Tom McGuire
  • Ernest Torrence
  • Tom Lewis
  • Marion Byron
  • Joe Keaton
  • James T. Mack

Did You Know?


  • The stunt where the wall falls on Buster Keaton was performed with an actual full-weight wall. Half the crew walked off the set rather than participate in a stunt that would have killed Keaton if he had been slightly off position. Keaton himself, told the previous day that his studio was being shut down, was so devastated that he didn't care if the wall crushed him or not.
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  • During the final cyclone sequence, a cable pulling down the entire front of a building is clearly visible.
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    • William 'Steamboat Bill' Canfield Sr.: I'll run on this river if I'm the only passenger on the boat.
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