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  • Finn claims the second Battle of Endor was where the "last war ended". In actuality, in the canon expanded universe, the war went on for another year, culminating with the Battle of Jakku and the subsequent Imperial surrender. As Disney spearheaded their own expanded universe and undid all that had come before, it's odd they'd make this mistake. However, the Battle of Endor was effectively where the Empire was defeated by the Rebel Alliance, and the Emperor and Vader were both killed, thus closing the original trilogy. Further minor skirmishes with the remnants of the Empire in expanded universe spin-off materials don't count.
  • On Kef Bir, the Millennium Falcon is landed by sideways ramming it into a hill, leaving a trail of destruction, due to the landing gear being defective. The Falcon however always had vertical take-off and landing capabilities, so this harsh landing is unnecessary.
  • With the crawling scroller that opens the movie, the final sentence ends with four periods. An ellipsis only has three periods. However, this happens on purpose in every Star Wars movie.
  • In the final scene, Rey's hair and expression changes multiple times depending on the angle.
  • Characters in the movie don't question the return of Palpatine much, but they seem strangely even more unfazed with the revelation that he had a son, even though it had never been mentioned or hinted at in any way previously.
  • Throughout the final battle, the armada of Star Destroyers float above Exegol without any obvious downward thrust. Resistance ships are able to fly beneath them, uninterrupted by any force that is keeping them in the air, despite the planet obviously having a gravitational pull similar to that of Earth, judging by the manner in which Rey and Palpatine walk on its surface.
  • Luke's X-wing is very clearly badly damaged in The Last Jedi, as one of the wing panels is missing, because it's used as the door to Luke's hut. Yet somehow it's perfectly functional in this movie, after being left fully immersed in the sea and unmaintained for ten years.
  • Leia is laid under a white sheet whilst people mourn her passing, clearly fully clothed, but when her body is taken by the force the sheet collapses flat.
  • At the climax of the film, Ben Solo is shown to have followed Rey in a TIE fighter from the ruined Death Star circa Return of the Jedi. The TIE fighters from the Original Trilogy lacked the ability to use hyper drive and as such there is no way Ben could've reached Rey in time.
  • The X-wing Luke raises from the water on Ahch To is an older X-wing than is seen in the the last Jedi movie. The engine configuration is different.
  • On the destroyer on Kijimi, during the fight with Kylo, Rey has the dagger in her left hand. It disappears after Darth Vader's helmet is smashed to the ground.
  • Babu Frick wears a welding shield propped up on his head throughout the movie, but he never puts it down when he is actually working on C-3PO.
  • When C-3PO is saying, "If this mission fails..." on Kijimi, he is walking away from Babu Frik. The wires attached to his head are jerkily being hand-fed down through the ceiling to give him more distance.
  • When Rey walks into the Imperial Vault on the Death Star, the door menacingly closes behind her. But in the light saber battle with herself, when she is startled she backs through what is now an open door.
  • On Kijimi, the crew all walks through a bar to the back room to find Babu Frik, risking exposure. However, when Ren's destroyer reaches the planet. Rey just steps out the back door to look at it.
  • Rey has experience climbing wrecks, and the climb to the Imperial Vault is still taxing for her. Finn and Janna seem to climb the wreck with no problem, as they arrive in the corridor with the Stormtrooper bodies soon after without being out of breath.
  • When BB-8 rolls forward to open the hatch on the command ship, Janna says she'll cover him. She then proceeds to throw a grenade at a group of Sith Stormtroopers who were all facing and shooting the other way, not threatening them at all.
  • Poe miraculously spots Janna and Finn clinging to the side of the enormous command ship, and starts to go rescue them, but they would not have fit in his plane even if he had gotten there. They would have jumped on his wing just like the jumped onto the Millennium Falcon. He could given them a ride to the surface or to another ship with room for passengers.
  • Snap comes to see what has happened to Leia while the others, e.g. Rose, look on. Next, he is standing behind Rose who is checking her station screen.
  • C3P0 lands head first, legs sticking up in the shifting stone pit on Pasaana. He is then seen lying on top of it, without anyone having to pull him out, as was the case in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Kylo Ren is pierced by Rey in the fight on Death Star 2 just above his belt. The burnt hole on his tunic is higher up when later he has his 'memory'.
  • On Kijimi, Zorii points her gun at Poe with her left hand. In the fight with Rey, she raises the gun now in her right hand.
  • When Rey goes to the Death Star, it is only at the final climb to where the Imperial vault is that she has the lightsaber, seen now on her left side.
  • Rey goes to the farm on Tatooine with her lightsaber on her left hip. When she gets up to talk to the old woman, then walks into the binary sunset, the lightsaber is on her right.
  • When the Resistance ships reach the Final Orders armada, the Allegiant General says to use Ion cannons. Some Resistance ships are hit and destroyed. Ion cannons do not destroy ships, they cripple them by disabling their primary power.
  • When discussing Palpatine's return, Beaumont comments "Dark science, cloning and the like - secrets only the Sith knew". The cloning techniques were, at the very least, well known to the Kaminoans who created the whole Clone Army which gave its name to the Clone Wars. This is one of the major events of the Star Wars lore and it makes no sense, both in-universe and from a meta point of view, that the character would ignore it.
  • Near the beginning of the movie Rey gives Leia her lightsaber. A couple of minutes later there is a shot of Rey browsing the ancient Jedi texts and the lightsaber is clearly visible attached to her belt, left side. Two minutes later Leia gives the lightsaber back to Rey.
  • Continuity mistake with the rest of the saga present in all three sequels: the button igniting Luke's (formerly Anakin's) blue lightsaber is shown to be near the top of the hilt. In both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy the button was in a different place, closer to the mid part of the hilt.
  • The clone of Palpatine looks decrepit, like how he looks in Return of the Jedi and after he confronted Mace Windu in Revenge of the Sith. His appearance was changed by the Force Lightning being repulsed back onto him. This not being a genetic change, any clone of Palpatine should have looked like Ian McDiarmid without make-up.
  • The original Death Star is supposed to be over 100 km in diameter, and yet when the wreckage is found it visually appears to be much smaller.


  • When Temmin "Snap" Wexley boards his ship before the final assault, he is in an A-wing fighter. When Poe Dameron calls out to Snap as he crashes, an X-wing fighter is shown exploding.
  • There is no mention of the navigational tower on Exegol having any type of shielding, and when they attempt to destroy it at ground level no shielding is shown or implied, so the Resistance should have been able to destroy it from the air instead of the unnecessarily risky choice of flying through enemy fire down to ground level to destroy it.
  • When the star destroyers on Exegol begin firing at the Resistance ships, Poe says that their fighters need to fly down to the same level as the star destroyers so that they would be prevented from firing on the Resistance ships for fear of getting caught in the crossfire. However, moments before, an establishing shot of the star destroyers show that they're in three or more tiers vertically, making the Resistance tactic moot.
  • Mace Windu, Adi Gallia, Luminara Unduli and Aayla Secura all die before the end of Episode III without ever hearing about the power to become one with the Force. Thus hearing their voices in the Force doesn't make sense, as this power was discovered during the prequels by Qui-Gon, who then taught Yoda at the end of Episode III. It's not clear for Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus, as they both survived the Jedi purge and arguably could have learned this power at some point after Episode III. It makes total sense, however, to hear the voices of Luke, Yoda, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, as the previous movies showed they died in a state of balance in the Force, which enabled them to become one with the Force and periodically reappear as Force spirits.
  • The scale of the Death Star wreckage is off compared to Return of the Jedi. Specifically, Rey uses the ruler from Ochi's blade to point at the location on the Death Star where she needs to search. Given the sheer size of the Death Star, this is akin to an astronaut in orbit around the moon pointing at it and asking someone to find an object hidden "there!".
  • Encoding the Sith Wayfinder's position in the dagger's shape is a rather useless undertaking. At first, one has to stand within a very small margin at an exact spot on the shore, and second the Sith must assume that the mangled Death Star ruins - exposed to a very rough sea - stay very much the same for a long time.
  • Palpatine claims to have created Snoke, the former Supreme Leader of the First Order who was incredibly powerful with the Force, and there appears to be clones of Snoke in tanks at the Sith facility on Exogol. If Palpatine could create powerful Force-users like Snoke, why doesn't he just create an army of Force-wielding clones that could carry out his wishes far more effectively than standard stormtroopers and officers?
  • During the climax, Palpatine asks Rey to slay him in order to merge with her: "Kill me and my spirit will pass into you". Rey refuses and begins to fight against his minions. Eventually Rey does kill Palpatine a few minutes later but his possession plan doesn't work, no explanation given. The apologetic reaction to this plot hole is that Palpatine was lying to her and used reverse psychology to prevent her from killing him. However, nowhere in the movie this is mentioned, in fact Palpatine has Rey attacked specifically when she refuses to strike him down.
  • When Rey is on the First Order ship to save Chewie and retrieve the Sith dagger and Kylo is on Kijimi, the two have a Force conversation from afar. As they are unable to see each other's surroundings, Kylo understands where Rey is (his own chambers) only when they smash Vader's mask to the ground. However, during their whole dialogue Rey was holding the dagger, which should have been an obvious give-away of her location, since Kylo had *just* left the dagger on his ship before landing a few minutes earlier.
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