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  • Near the beginning of the film, Stan leaves a red telephone box opposite the theatre in Newcastle after ringing his wife back in Hollywood. When he brushes against the door frame, it flexes slightly, revealing that it's a wooden prop. Real telephone boxes were made of iron.
  • Bernard Delfont refers to a cinema showing an old Laurel and Hardy film as a 'rerun', an Americanism. In Britain, showing of old material again is called a 'repeat.'
  • The train correctly shows a British Railways Black Five, but the coaches are in the chocolate and cream livery of the old Great Western Railway, which no longer existed in the 1950s.
  • In a scene set in 1953, the Savoy Hotel in London flies a "Maple Leaf" Canadian flag, which was adopted in 1965.
  • In the 1930s County Hospital scene, Stan brings Ollie some white hard boiled eggs. The reproduced 1953 scene on the English stage tour uses brown eggs. Brown hens eggs were rarely seen in the UK before the late 1960s.
  • The American flag shown at the Savoy in 1953 is a 50-star flag, adopted in 1960. Also, several people at the Dublin welcome are waving 50-star flags.
  • In the 1953 street scenes, a Morris Minor is seen with front sidelight/indicators that were not used until 1964.
  • The end of the film when the're returning to America shows the ship they're on docking in Ireland where the church bells ring out the 'Cuckoo' theme. This actually happened when they stopped off in Ireland to prepare for their British tour.
  • The film shows Stan and Ollie playing to very small audiences in what look like run down theatres whereas they actually played to packed houses in major cities.
  • In the opening explanation title cards, it states that many of their films were dubbed into other languages for foreign countries. That is incorrect. Stan and Babe learned to perform the scripts for several films phonetically in other languages, and actors who spoke those languages filled in the other parts.
  • In the opening scene, set in 1936, where Laurel & Hardy are walking through the studio on their way to the soundstage, there are movie posters on the walls of the buildings. One of them is a poster for an "Our Gang" short, except that the poster actually says "Little Rascals," a title that was not used until the shorts were syndicated for television some 20 years later.
  • When their wives arrive at the Savoy, their car pulls up to the front of the hotel facing the wrong direction. In the movie, the car arrives with the car on the proper side for a UK street (the left), but the traffic flow on the street into the Savoy in London (in real life) has actually been reversed so that UK drivers arrive sitting on the side closest to the doors (the right side).
  • When Stan Laurel discusses the idea of working with a new partner with their theatrical promoter while Oliver Hardy convalesces, the promoter mentions Laurel's solo film career while he only mentions that Hardy worked in "that elephant movie." (Zenobia (1939)) In reality, Hardy had an extensive solo film career years before he was teamed up with Stan Laurel.
  • Ollie's Russian wife refers to St Petersburgh as a nice place to visit, However In the 1950's St Petersburg was called Leningrad, Leningrad was not renamed St Petersburgh until 1991.
  • When Stan is using a UK phone box you hear the beep-beep-beep of an STD phone as he inserts his money. In the 50s, there would have been a Push Button A phone which did not beep.


  • After Ollie has his heart attack, Stan brings him some hard boiled eggs, just like he did in their act. Ollie asks for an egg and sets them on the bed. Moment later, when Stan crawls into bed with him, the eggs have disappeared.
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