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Goofs from Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli Fest 2018

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  • The smudge on Chihiro's face changes shape, switches sides, and disappears at random during the first 40 minutes of the movie.
  • When Yubaba flies back to the Aburaya with the bag, she clearly flies above the side of the deck. However, in the next shot, the bag hits the side of the deck.
  • When Kamajii bangs the wheel to alert the Mushi-balls, a chopstick clearly falls down from the bowls. However, when he is cleaning off the dust only a minute later, there are two chopsticks again.
  • When Haku shows Chihiro how to get to Kamaji the door to the boiler room opens inwards and when she eventually comes there it opens outwards.
  • When Sen and Lin are asked to clean the "big tub" before they start to clean it the tub appears full with dirty water but a few seconds later Lin and sen are stood in the tub but it is empty.
  • After Haku flies out of the bedroom we see Sen's left hand touching more of the blood on the railing. The elevator attendant sees it on the same hand after grabbing her arm as she tries to board it. Not much later we see her looking at the same hand again before running across the pipe. It isn't till after being held captive by the baby under the cushions that the blood switches hands as he holds her by the left arm revealing no blood on that hand at all.
  • When Chihiro is sitting at Zeniba's table, there is a large slice of cake in front of her during close-ups, but no such slice is visible during long shots.
  • [English dub] When Haku says "Even the tiniest breath will break the spell, and then everyone will see you," his lips aren't moving at all.
  • When Chihiro picked up the chunk of coal off the soot sprite that was being crushed by it, she struggles to lift and carry it. Coal is actually extremely light, and even a piece that big wouldn't have been heavy enough for her to struggle with it as much as she did.
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