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  • When the Stark Jet enters the UK, the caption states the Dorset coastline. Flying from Amsterdam to London you would cross the eastern coast of England, entering over the coast of Essex but the Dorset Chalk Cliffs are on the South West coastline which is 160 miles away.
  • Multiple errors relative to European trains. Spider-Man is shown hopping atop a high-speed "bullet train" from Prague to Berlin, and later inadvertently ending up on one from Berlin to the Netherlands. There are no bullet trains at all in the Czech Republic, and none that directly connect Berlin to any destination in the Netherlands - certainly not to the small town where Spider-Man ends up. Additionally, a train driving through Berlin would not have the speed shown in the film. Further, his classmates appear to travel from Prague to London via train. There is no direct train route of any kind between the two cities, and it would take nearly a full day of travel to connect through a minimum of four stations en route.
  • Based on the shots in the scenes both prior and after, the students are staying at a hotel on the main island of Venice. When they depart, a bus picks them up. However, in reality, motor vehicles are not allowed in the city, especially not buses or coaches. It would be impossible for them to navigate the winding streets or canals.
  • This film succumbs to the now very tired goof of hand guns making metallic clickety noises as they are raised. Apparently sound people believe the audience needs to hear this and is supposedly the sound of a safety being removed. Except, the hand guns making the sounds are Glocks which have no external or manual safeties. They do not make any noise.
  • when they re on the plane to Italy, there s no Portugal on the map it s only Spain in the peninsula.
  • When Spider-man talks to MJ outside her hotel room, the collar of his shirt jumps from being tucked in to his backpack strap to bring visible.
  • When MJ finds Peter on Tower Bridge, they share a long hug. Peter's face is bleeding and in the wide shots the blood transfer to MJ's jacket, left shoulder, can be seen but in the close up shots the blood is absent.
  • Security guards in Italian airports don't carry long guns or wear uniforms that look like they are from the USSR.
  • Peter explains to MJ that he gave the glasses "again" to Mysterio. Peter only gave him the glasses once, even though Quentin did originally have a pair he helped develop with Mr. Stark, Peter does not know this at this point.
  • Peter says he is under 21 when Beck offers him a drink. Based on his age during Captain America: Civil War (2016) he should be 17 or 18 now. The legal drinking age in the Czech Republic (and most other EU member states) is 18.
  • The license plate of Nick Fury's car in Berlin is MTU 83779. While this combination has a meaning in the wider sense (see trivia), it is invalid. MTU is not registered for any German city/county and this specific combination of letters and numbers (ABC 12345 instead of the usual AB CD 1234) is reserved for official use only. Additionally, the front plate has the sticker for the emissions test which is not issued anymore since 2010.
  • Fury says that he and Maria Hill will travel to the Europol headquarters in Berlin, Germany. However, it is actually located in The Hague, Netherlands (although it could have been moved during the Blip for unstated reasons).
  • Czech Republic license plates in general have the format 1A1 1111, with letter and numbers in this order. Most license plates in Prague scenes are different.
  • The scene where Peter is sitting on Charles Bridge with Mysterio shows the bridge at least one level higher than the adjacent bridge. Both adjacent bridges, Mánes Bridge and Bridge of Legions are in the same level as Charles Bridge.
  • The train that departs from Prague uses thousands of Volts electricity, starting from 15000 V. There is no way Peter would have survived the trip from Prague to Berlin on the top of the train, as electricity of this voltage is lethal even from a certain proximity, without even touching the cable that's right next to Peter.
  • The train from Prague to Berlin is a RailJet Express, which doesn't go with a locomotive we see in the movie. RailJet locomotives are newer types, with a painting that fits the rest of the train. The one in the movie has the classic Czech Railways painting, not used on RailJet trains.
  • The Dutch village of 'Broek op Langedijk' is actually the courtyard of a Prague restaurant, which explains the village's typical Central European style of architecture. The actual village of Broek op Langedijk is located just north of Amsterdam and is known for the many agricultural canals that intersect the village.
  • Ironically, the actor playing the helpful Dutchman who offers Peter Parker to pronounces the name of the village ('Broek op Langedijk') he's in, is Czech instead of Dutch and mispronounces the name himself as well.
  • During the attack in Venice, Peter gets soaked when the water pushes him against the railing. Moments later, when he retaliates against the water elemental, his clothes are completely dry and his hair is slightly damp.
  • During the scene in the arrivals terminal of the Venice Marco Polo Airport a cruise ship can be seen through the windows behind Peter. While the airport is built on the Adriatic coast the port for Venice is on the main island.
  • During the stop in Austria, the price for gasoline at the gas station is below 1 EUR, for one type even below 50 Cents. This is by far lower than any gasoline price in Austria in the last decade and below 50 Cents is even impossible due to the taxes on gasoline.
  • Peter and his classmates are identified as being 16. In Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Peter tells Tony Stark that he is 15. That movie takes place two months after the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016), which takes place two years before Avengers: Infinity War (2018). If Peter was 15 in Civil War/Homecoming, he would have been 17 in Infinity War. Far From Home takes place eight months after the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), meaning that Peter and his classmates would be closer to 18.
  • One of the ongoing jokes throughout the movie is Brad Davis wasn't blipped, so he's much more developed and athletic than someone like Peter Parker. But this would mean he's aged five years. If he's aged five years, he would have already graduated from high school; high school is only four years in the United States. The "undoing of the blip" shows that school was, indeed, going while the others were blipped out of existence. However, if Brad was not in high school when the Snap occurred, but was in middle school, five years later he would be a classmate of Peter Parker, Ned, Betty, MJ, and the rest as depicted in the film.
  • Peter and MJ find the remains of the drone on Charles Bridge that reveals what they're truly facing. However, the battle the drone got damaged in is supposed to take place on Old Town Square, approximately 500 meters from Charles Bridge, and it makes no sense what the drone would do so far from the place it's used.
  • After Peter gets the glasses off Beck in London, He asks "Izzy, is this real?", which is the wrong name for the AI in his glasses; Edith.
  • The groups Double-Decker tour bus is shown to be parked in traffic in the middle of Tower Bridge. However, when the battle starts the bus entirely disappears. It does not appear in any of the other shots.
  • During the Tower Bridge battle, there are several very brief shots that show that there are no cars on the bridge.
  • Happy lands the jet in the tulip field and hovers over it for 15 minutes, according to his own words. As the jet flies away, however, the field is absolutely intact. Not one single spec of dust or tulip has moved out of place.
  • When Peter arrives in Berlin and jumps from the train, people look up... but in various directions, not directly at him.
  • When Peter jumps from the train in Berlin, he lands next to a woman. She screams "Nacht Monkey" and runs away, but the literal translation of "Night Monkey" would be "Nacht-Affe". It makes no sense she would translate just half of the name (or even translate it at all). After all, Spider-Man is named Spider-Man in Germany too.
  • As Happy and Peter are in the cabin of the private jet leaving the Netherlands, Happy is shown stitching Peter's right, rear, shoulder. Although he makes the right hand movements, Happy holds no needle, and no string is seen leading from his fingertips to Peter's shoulder.
  • At the end of the film, Peter and his class arrive back at the airport in the United States. The interior shots are at the Newark Airport United Airlines Terminal C but the external shots are clearly at JFK Airport with fake signage which also clearly does not match the universal black on yellow signage at all Port Authority Airport, train and bus terminals. These signs are visible above the doors in the airport internal shots but do not match at the fake JFK external shots.
  • All the S.H.I.E.L.D. cars (product placement Audis) have a futuristic electric whirring sound when driving. But the one in the post credits scene has been made to sound like it has a regular internal combustion engine.
  • After Venice, the bus depart for Prague, and in the next shot we've been told to be in the "Eastern Alps, Austria", but as the shot is taken the bus is driving to Cortina d'Ampezzo, visible in the background. The drone attack instead happens between the Valparola pass and the Falzarego pass. So they couldn't be in Austria yet.
  • When Peter is in the plane over the tulip fields and chooses his next suit, he shouts he loves Led Zeppelin while a rock track can be heard in the speakers. Actually it plays "Back In Black" by AC/DC.
  • The party visit Prague and elect to view the "Carnival of Lights". This takes place in October. When Happy rescues Peter from the Netherlands, the tulips are in full bloom. Tulip season lasts from March to May.
  • The Guards at the Tower of London are shown firing standard configuration assault rifles, probably M16's, but the standard issue service rifle in the UK is the SA80, which has a distinctive bullpup configuration.
  • When Mysterio is showing the hologram of his Earth falling to the Fire Elemental, Earth erodes and the particles fall 'down'. There is no 'down' in space.
  • When Happy and Peter are on the plane above the tulip field, the degree to which Peter's eyes are inflamed from crying varies widely from shot to shot. His eyes are very red and irritated while sitting, then when he stands, they're less inflamed , then a shot later, they're redder. When he goes to build his new suit, the inflammation is completely gone.
  • Mysterio (Quentin Beck) states that while he is from Earth-833, he had come to Earth-616. The MCU is actually Earth-199999, while Earth-616 is the "Prime Earth" of the Marvel Multi-verse.
  • When Peter arrives at the station in Berlin, there are multiple red signs with a train logo and the German word "Bahn" on it. The design of the sign is not in compliance with German rail operator Deutsche Bahn's corporate identity. Additionally, it is totally meaningless.
  • After Mysterio is shot in Berlin, you can see a crane truck in the background with a company logo and a phone number on it. The number (minus country and city code) is only four digits long which is virtually impossible in a city like Berlin.


  • There is no possible way that Quentin Beck could have successfully kept up the lie that he was a superhero from another dimension, especially not after his own death. Assuming that there were some employees at Stark Industries that did not join up with Beck following Stark's death, they would have been able to recognize him as one of their fellow co-workers; also considering how he invented that holographic technology, he would have held an extremely prominent position (even if he didn't take credit for BARF). Plus, after his death, SHIELD would have shared Beck's known info with other officials so that they could work together to do as much research on him as possible (just to ensure he doesn't have any additional criminal activity). This being the case, there would be too much evidence to prove that Beck's broadcasted video in the Daily Bugle is completely fraudulent. (Of course, that evidence would only come out after the Bugle broadcast, as no one would have thought it necessary to release it earlier.)
  • The main weapon used against Spider-Man are drones with projectors. The technology uses light to project an image. Light isn't a solid, so even if it projected a shape, you would be able to see inside it to see the drones. Spider-Man goes inside the image at one stage and he can see the drones in a battle scene, again suggesting the image has a solid surface you cannot see through with an inside and an outside. Light just doesn't work like that. It isn't a solid, and has to be projected onto a solid to see it being reflected (like a movie screen) or refracted (like a rainbow). But even rainbows are transparent.
  • The final twist about Peter's identity is possible only if SHIELD kept Mysterio's activities a secret. SHIELD, or the Skrulls who impersonate them have no reason to do so, especially as Peter sabotaged the hologram trick of Mysterio, and that certainly went viral in the age of smartphones.
  • When Peter gives the glasses to Beck, he has to go through a transfer routine with EDITH -- however, when Beck gives them back on the bridge, Peter just puts them on and EDITH responds without any required transfer protocol. This is because Peter had already been authorized to access EDITH, so no new transfer protocol should be necessary.
  • Mysterio's plan about being the greatest superhero ever would fall apart at the first real enemy. He would have nowhere to hide the drones, if his foe is not a hologram. This merely proves that Quentin Beck is in fact unstable--the reason Stark had fired him in the first place.
  • Nick Fury mentions that Dr. Strange is unavailable when Peter asks about him. However, in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Strange makes it clear that inter-dimensional crises are his top priority - surely the Elementals would be relevant enough for Strange to at least consider investigating. Perhaps Strange did investigate, and discovered there was nothing inter-dimensional about this - in which case Mysterio's fraud would have fallen apart and we would not have this movie.
  • Mysterio has an arsenal of armed drones at his disposal. They are shown to be implemented in the orbital Stark Industries satellite as a defensive mechanism. They were constructed by William Ginter Riva during his tenure at Stark Industries, presumably after his appearance in IM1 (the fifteen years between IM1 and Endgame). However, the Stark Industries weapons division was shut down in IM1. While they may have not decommissioned all their past products (for example, the sonic cannons made before the division's shutdown were implemented in the War Machine armor in Captain America: Civil War (2016)), the fact that the Stark Industries issued attack drones - weapons - were not shown in the MCU until this point is a plot hole, since the drones were made after the division's shutdown.
  • The swinging date at the end of the film is a huge risk of giving away Spider-Man's secret identity, as at that point, MJ is known to be the girlfriend of Peter Parker.
  • The drones we see in the movie wouldn't be able to generate a water splash like the one that hits Peter in the battle in Venice.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Nick Fury tells Peter that's it's great to finally meet Spider-Man. However, they were both at Tony Stark's funeral at the end of Avengers: Endgame. It seems unlikely that they would not have met there. However, it is revealed in the post-credits scene that Fury was only Talos impersonating Fury, so it makes sense that Talos would slip up and accidentally say something other than what Fury would say in that situation.
  • A major plot point is that Mysterio and his crew use holographic projectors mounted on their drones to generate their illusions. Once they hijack the Stark drones with the help of EDITH, they announce that they can now generate a much bigger illusion. The problem is, the Stark drones come straight from the satellite to London, with no stops along the way to add the projectors. The drones, by themselves, cannot project illusions. The addition of thousands of new drones will not help create an even larger illusion.
  • During the Tower of London sequences as the drones converge on Happy and Peter's classmates, Happy yells out his confession: "I'm in love with Spider-Man's aunt!" But he was near Peter's classmates, including Flash, who don't know Peter is Spider-Man, effectively revealing Peter's secret identity. He should have said "I'm in love with Peter Parker's aunt!" instead.
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