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Goofs from Sons of the Desert (1933)

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  • In the first wide shot in the ship docking area, before Laurel and Hardy's wives arrive, following news of the Honolulu ship sinking, a crew member and camera tripod are clearly visible reflected in a glass door.
  • No one who goes out in the rain is ever wet when he or she comes back inside.
  • When Laurel and Hardy are returned to their wives by the police officer, as they are led inside the house, the camera tilts back slightly and the boom mic is visible at the top of the frame as they walk toward the couch.
  • When Laurel and Hardy are in the back of the cab on the way home, every time Hardy leans in to talk to Laurel, his shadow falls across the rear-screen projection of the traffic seen through the back "window" of the cab.
  • When Lottie runs into the house to answer the phone, the camera tilts up just a bit too high, revealing the beams, wires, and mechanics of the studio ceiling at the top of the frame for a brief second.
  • When Laurel and Hardy are frantically stumbling about in the hallway prior to going up to the attic, the same sound effects are used over and over many times in rapid succession.
  • At the beginning of the film when Stan and Ollie return home from their lodge meeting, and there's confusion over which house Stan is in, the light in Stan's house (visible through the glass panel in the door) keeps changing from off to on and back again.
  • When the wives are in the cinema watching a newsreel of a car race the cars are going left to right but the audience's heads are turning right to left.In actual fact there should be no need for the audience to turn their heads.
  • Ollie says that they ship hiked home after being shipwrecked. Stan puts his right elbow on Ollie's knee but when the shot moves from close up to long shot it's Stan's hand that is then on Ollie's knee.
  • On the roof in the rain they fall off into a tub of water but when they go into Ollie's house they're dry.
  • The leis worn by Stan and Ollie change colour (yes, it is a black and white film, but check the contrast between the light and dark shades). Also, in the attic scene, Stan is wearing two and Ollie one, yet in the scene before they both had two. The fezzes also seem to have magic dents.
  • Stan could have gone back into his house through the back entrance.
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