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Some Like It Hot (Qíng sheng)

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After the unexpected death of his best friend, a man examines his life and finds it incredibly lonely. Inspired by an encounter with a beautiful and sexy model, he embarks with his three friends on what turns out to be a crazy (and slightly stupid) endeavor on a path towards fulfillment.


  • Shawn
  • Ni Yan
  • Xiao Yang
  • Xiao Shenyang
  • Ni Yan
  • Shan Qiao
  • Shenyang Xiao
  • Allen Ai
  • Shan Qiao
  • Lele Dai
  • Yuan Chang
  • Lele Dai
  • Seung-min Lee
  • Chao Deng
  • Xun Wang
  • Yu Tian
  • Xiaoou Zhou
  • Yingjun Zhao

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