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  • A shadow in the mirror behind Khari in the library.
  • The camera crew is reflected in the video screen as Chris watches Dr. Gibarian's message.
  • When Kris is standing in the rain near the beginning of the film the camera tilts down to the table to show a coffee cup and various other items. The cut to the next shot of Kris shows him to have moved (which seems reasonable as a small amount of time has elapsed) but all the items on the table are now in a different configuration.
  • In the library during and immediately after Dr. Snaut's birthday party, the heights of the candles and the center post of the candelabra change between shots.
  • During Snaut's birthday party, Chris falls to his knees in front of Khari. The camera clearly shows she is barefoot. In the following long shot, she is wearing shoes.
  • At the moment when the station attains zero gravity, the candlestick passes floating in the air, with the flames burning the same as in earth. Actually, with zero gravity, the fire doesn't go upward, candle flames would rather be spherical and very weak (blue).
  • In the weightless scene, in addition to the candle flames behaving as if they were in Earth's gravity, Khari's dress and hair fall downwards, rather than floating upward.
  • When Kris trips near the beginning of the film, it is presented as if he had stepped on his shoelaces and fell. However, in the previous shot it is obvious that he just curls up his right leg behind his left (the one with the untied shoe) and falls down for no reason.


  • The thin plastic sheet over Gibarian's corpse in the freezer rises and falls as the actor breathes.
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