Snowpiercer (Seolguk-yeolcha)

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In this sci-fi epic, a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet. The final survivors board the SNOWPIERCER, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine. When cryptic messages incite the passengers to revolt, the train thrusts full-throttle towards disaster.


  • Chris Evans
  • Kang-ho Song
  • Ed Harris
  • John Hurt
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Jamie Bell
  • Octavia Spencer
  • Ewen Bremner
  • Ko Asung
  • Alison Pill

Did You Know?


  • This is based on the French graphic novel "Le Transperceneige". Bong Joon Ho discovered the comic in late 2004, during pre-production of The Host (2006), and was fascinated by the concept of people struggling on the train for survival.
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  • The bruise on Tanya's eye disappears and reappears between scenes.
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    • Tanya: Look at all those beds... Where is everybody?
    • Edgar: Looks like they were in a hurry.
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Jun 27, 2014

In superlative previous films like “The Host” and “Mother,” Bong elevated, then transcended, the humble genres of the monster movie and the murder mystery by refashioning them into exquisitely heart-wrenching human drama. Disappointingly, then, his alchemical touch is absent here. Snowpiercer warms the heart, but doesn't penetrate it.

Metacritic review by Inkoo Kang
Inkoo Kang
Jun 22, 2014

Snowpiercer is an ambitious piece with a universally comprehensible theme and accessible aesthetics.

Metacritic review by Clarence Tsui
Clarence Tsui
The Hollywood Reporter