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  • The animated debut of Woodstock and Franklin.
  • CASTLE THUNDER: Heard throughout the scene when a storm hits and Snoopy keeps Woodstock dry from the rain by using his ear as an umbrella.
  • One of the guests at Snoopy's goodbye party has the number five on his shirt. This is probably supposed to be 5, an easily forgotten character from the Peanuts strip whose whole family had numbers for names (including his sisters, 3 and 4). His full name is 5 95472 (the accent is on the 4).
  • This was the first "Peanuts" production (as well as the only "Peanuts" theatrical feature) to not have the words "Charlie Brown" in the title.
  • The first "Peanuts" production without a musical score by Vince Guaraldi, who composed for all previous specials and the first and previous movie, A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969). This was deliberate, as it was an experiment by Charles M. Schulz, who specifically wanted a more commercial, Disney-like feel for this film.
  • The first of the theatrical Peanuts films with Peppermint Patty as a major character. She previously made a very brief cameo in one shot of A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969).
  • While hailed as a classic today, "Snoopy Come Home" was a box-office failure in its original release. Produced on a budget of $1,000,000, it only grossed $245,073 at the box office. This was because Cinema Center Films was being shut down by CBS by this time, and the film thusly had anemic marketing. As a result, this film was the final release of Cinema Center Films.
  • The plot of the film is an expansion of a storyline previously featured in the Peanuts comics strips.
  • The little girl who kidnaps Snoopy and Woodstock is unnamed in dialogue but identified as "Clara" by the end credits and closed captioning. There was a character of the same name in the comic strip almost two years prior to the film's release who kidnapped Snoopy in a similar manner.
  • The clown who takes Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown's tickets at the Barrel O' Fun is a rare instance in the Peanuts franchise of an adult's face being visible.
  • This movie has more than made back its investment over the years and the critics and fans loved it. And it is a musical sequel to "A Boy Named Charlie Brown." So the old myth that musical sequels never work is in fact wrong.
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