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Goofs from Snoopy Come Home

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  • When the young girl is writing her letter, she writes two lines, then sucks on her pencil. When she goes back to writing, she writes the second line again.
  • On the Monopoly board, Free Parking is where In Jail/Just Visiting is supposed to be.
  • Snoopy puts his food dish on his head and he is seen without it in the next shot, but it doesn't show him take it off.
  • When Clara is chasing Snoopy and Woodstock, she is holding the leash in her hand. When she is standing at the top of the stairs, the leash is gone. In the next shot, when she is sliding down the banister, she's holding the leash again.
  • Layla is in the hospital for three weeks, yet she isn't on any IV medicine?
  • When Clara starts choking Snoopy as she catches him his nose disappears for a few frames.
  • Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, and Linus play Monopoly with a Yahtzee dice cup.
  • The gang is playing Monopoly and Charlie Brown rolls a seven. The shot cuts to him when he says, "Seven!" and you can see that his mouth is not moving.
  • While playing Monopoly, Lucy rolls a 12, but she doesn't move her pawn the full 12 spaces.
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