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  • When Caroline shows Farmer Ted the locks of hair that got cut off, they are much longer and darker than the section missing from the back of her head.
  • Sam puts a can of Diet Coke on her lunch food tray in the school cafeteria, but when she enters the lunch room with her friend, she clearly has a regular can of Coke on her food tray. (TV version only)
  • When Jake Ryan goes to Sam's house looking for her, and Long Duk Dong answers the door, the hot water bottle Long is holding moves from the top of his head to the side of his neck, and back.
  • When Farmer Ted is driving Caroline around she says, "Looks like rain! Time to put the top up!" her mouth is just laughing, not speaking.
  • When Jake Ryan and his friend are doing fake pull-ups in the gym, and they pull back, you can see the dolly track. (Full-screen version only)
  • In the school auto shop when Farmer Ted tries to get into the car with Sam, he can't open the door because it is locked and Sam had to reach over to unlock the door for him. There is no door post for the lock to engage, so even if the door was locked, it would still swing freely.
  • When Samantha is in independent study, the questionnaire that she is filling out says "CONFIDENTAIL" on the top.
  • When Jake comes for Samantha at her house on the day of the wedding and Long Duk Dong answers the door, both panes of glass, from the inside, are clear, but when the door is opened, the panes appear frosted on the outside surfaces.
  • When Sam is lying on the couch, talking to her father, her blanket changes positions.
  • When Caroline steps out of the Rolls-Royce, you can tell that she stepped onto a box or platform before walking off.
  • When Sam is talking to her mom in the kitchen, you can see the shadow of the boom mic on the cabinet between them.
  • When the family is leaving for the wedding, the grandparents all pile into the car, but it was not large enough to accommodate the group. Grandma Baker squats near the passenger door to create the impression that she is sitting in the car. However, when the car is backing out of the driveway, you briefly see her curved back remain stationary while the car moves away from her.
  • When Caroline and Jake are slow dancing at the school dance, Caroline's hair changes between shots.
  • In the opening sequence, a geek is having trouble opening the pad lock on his locker. When the locker is finally opened, some of the objects that fall out are obviously falling from overhead and not from the locker.
  • When the second nerd is removed from the seniors' trunk, it appears the senior is lifting out a dummy, but in fact, the actor just stiffened his body. You can see him blinking.
  • When Jake puts Caroline in the Rolls-Royce, he clearly puts her legs inside the car. Yet before he lets Ted leave he puts her legs in before he shuts the door.
  • There is a rear view mirror on the Cadillac in the garage. When Ted and Caroline are driving down the road, just after she makes the top go up and down, there is no rear view mirror. There is a bracket for one, but no mirror. Later, the mirror reappears.
  • When the grandparents are in Samantha's room sleeping and the phone wakes them up, the phone is in one position, Grandma hangs it up, and the receiver is different than before. Then when they answer it again it is in a different position. Then they have the phone on the bed.
  • In the night scenes with the Rolls-Royce, Caroline's hair has not been cut yet. The same is also true when she is talking to Jake in the church parking lot near the end of the movie.
  • The character Long Duk Dong is referred to as a "Chinaman" throughout the film, yet has a Vietnamese name. To compound confusion, the incidental music and sound effects played for him are all Japanese or mock-Japanese music, including The Vapors' "Turning Japanese". In the tree scene, Dong is wearing his clothes and hair in traditional Japanese fashion while shouting "banzai" (a Japanese military expression). Whether or not these goofs were meant by the producers to be an intentionally ambiguous stereotype of Asians is unknown.
  • When the family is walking out of the church Sam can be seen walking out with them towards the back of the group, she quickly turns and runs back into the church presumably to get her sisters veil. The next shot Sam is back outside and this is when she states "her veil" then runs into the church again.
  • As The Geek enters the Rolls-Royce for the picture with Caroline, he opens the driver-side door and pushes the seat-back forward. In the next shot, the seat-back has already returned to position as The Geek flops into the rear seat.
  • When the girl in the fur coat is walking down the steps, her pearl necklace get caught and breaks. The pearls fall all over and they are picking them up and putting the loose pearls in a beer can, however when they come upon Caroline with her hair caught in the door, the pearl necklace is still intact and also when she has the scissors and is cutting Caroline's hair.
  • The Geek states he can't drive a stick which is why he takes the Rolls rather than the Porsche. But later when Jake pulls up behind the Geek and his girlfriend, sitting in the Rolls, it's clear the Porsche is an automatic. He pulls shifter to the rear and into drive and his clutch foot doesn't move at all.
  • When the little brother is asking about Long Duk Dong at the beginning of the movie: He takes a drink from his glass, but the amount of soda doesn't change: .. and then in the next shot from another angle, the glass/soda bottle percents of fullness are much more full than in the previous shot.
  • The reference to the scene with Caroline's hair being closed in Jake's bedroom door: Her friend Tracey breaks one of the strands of pearls on the banister post. There's no continuity error with this scene. She's wearing two separate strands of pearls. One is broke the other isn't.
  • When Geek-Ted and Jake put Caroline in the Rolls Royce Jake does not put Caroline's legs in the car after sitting her in the front seat. He reaches over and puts her purse on the console then continues talking to Ted. He puts her legs in after they agree that Ted will take her home... There's no continuity error regarding her legs in that scene. What is off is that Caroline's purse strap is over her shoulder when they carry her out to the garage and when Jake puts her in the seat. Then you see him with the purse as he reaches over her to put in on the console. When/how did he get it off her shoulder and over her arm without moving her? That's the continuity error (in the movie version).
  • When Jake puts Caroline in the car and Geek-Ted gets his geek friends to take pictures of him with Caroline her hair is definitely still cut in the back (actually it's a wig) - it's cut. Plus you can't really see the back of her head/hair when she's in the back seat because they're blocked by the frame of the roof top and the car seat.
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