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Sing a Bit of Harmony

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The film tells the story of a new transfer student interested in her surroundings and a song that brings happiness to her and her classmates.


  • A.J. Beckles
  • Luis Bermudez
  • Laila Berzins
  • Brendan Blaber
  • Kamen Casey
  • Jordan Dash Cruz
  • Anthony DiMascio
  • Haruka Fukuhara
  • Satoshi Hino
  • Doug Jackson

Atom User Reviews

4.7 out of 5
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Verified Review

Most of the characters in the story present themselves to be imperfect because they are: they are human. However, even if Shion is the newest, smartest, perfect-est AI that has been created, she is presented as a human to the audience with, strange enough, flaws. Yet, she like anyone else can provide the impetus for people to come together and understand each other regardless of how different they are and how little they share. This is something we need. It is great to be reminded of this social unity. This kind of future should not only be considered in philosophical terms about the value of AI life, but also, it should be considered in anthropological terms about how people will socialize with robots. It has been reviewed by others that the ending draws out too long, but I implore others to consider the weight of the actions people do for Shion, first negatively, then positive, then desperately positive. An incredible movie with a tearful story that beautifully falls into place.

Alan A
Verified Review

The movie was very entertaining the story was straight to the point however I did enjoy that I got to the point I didn’t play around I didn’t do anything fancy it had a story and it was fine and I like all the characters and I like the idea behind it and I hope people get to check it out sooner or later

Adrian V