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A misfit bunch of friends come together to right the injustices which exist in a small town.


  • Kevin Kline
  • Scott Glenn
  • Kevin Costner
  • Danny Glover
  • Marvin J. McIntyre
  • Brad Leland
  • Sheb Wooley
  • Jonathan Kasdan
  • John Cleese
  • Todd Allen

Did You Know?


  • Earl Hindman played Wilson on Home Improvement (1991), where the lower half of his face was always obscured. In the scene where the house is on fire, he appears gagged, with the lower half of his face obscured.
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  • During the showdown in Silverado, Emmett is shot in his right leg, in a spot visible from most angles. After racing the horse to another end of town, and killing him, there is a shot of Emmett on the horse where you can see almost his entire right leg, and no bullet hole is visible, either in his leg or pants.
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    • Emmett: Lyin' Pete always said you'd hang. I guess tomorrow at dawn he'll be proved right.
    • Sheriff Langston: Ten A.M.
    • Emmett: Oh, right, I always thought they did it at dawn.
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This movie is more sophisticated and complicated than the Westerns of my childhood, and it is certainly better looking and better acted.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

Silverado is a completely successful physical attempt at reviving the western, but its script would need a complete rewrite for it to become more than just a small step in a full-scale western revival. [10 Jul 1985, p.5]

Metacritic review by Gene Siskel
Gene Siskel
Chicago Tribune

As Westerns go, Silverado delivers elaborate gun-fighting scenes, legions of galloping horses, stampeding cattle, a box canyon, covered wagons, tons of creaking leather and even a High Noonish duel. How it manages to run the gamut of cowboy movie elements without getting smart-alecky is intriguing. But on the important issues, like real character development, Silverado flakes apart. [10 Jul 1985, p.52]

Metacritic review by Peter Stack
Peter Stack
San Francisco Chronicle