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  • During the song "Shock Treatment" the number of used flashes on the instant camera increases and decreases between shots, rarely matching the number of pictures taken.
  • During the finale, as the four singers rise from the bleachers, Ruby Wax trips and places her hands against Charles Gray's back to keep from falling over.
  • During "Little Black Dress," the champagne in Cosmo's hand switches from his left to his right, then back, without him moving it.
  • When Brad knocks over the pitcher of water on the "Marriage Maze" set, a glass is propped against one of the "M"s. The glass wasn't there in previous shots.
  • During "Farley's Song," the "jazz hands" in front of the TV screen change position between shots. Most noticeably, Cosmo's hands move from top left to bottom left.
  • During the opening overture sequence, the shadow of the camera, camera operator, and jib operator are visible just after booming down from the spiral staircase.
  • When Neely interviews Farley before the premiere of Faith Factory, Nation, Bert, Cosmo, and Ralph are in a corner, and Nation is pouring champagne. When the camera pans out, all four are drinking and the champagne bottle has disappeared.
  • During "Denton, U.S.A." an extra in the second row doesn't lean to his right on cue, blocking half the row from leaning. A moment later, the extra on his right starts to lean left when she shouldn't, then stops herself.
  • Farley's lazy right eye disappears intermittently throughout the movie.
  • During "Anyhow, Anyhow", when the gang are driving out of the studio, Frankie (Francine) is obviously running alongside the car instead of having gotten into it.
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