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    • [Mini-Gnome gets accidentally knocked over by Sherlock Gnomes]
    • Mini-gnome: What the f-f-fertilizer!
    • [From trailer; Sherlock Gnomes and Watson appear before Gnomeo and Juliet]
    • Sherlock Gnomes: Under my watch, no gnome shall be broken.
    • [pointing at the mini-gnome, who's hat has been broken]
    • Watson: Well, except for that one.
    • Minignome: Who's broken?
    • [Minignome sees his broken hat on the ground and realizes that HE is the broken gnome]
    • [screams]
    • [From Trailer]
    • [to Lord Redbrick and Lady Blueberry; whispering]
    • Gnomeo: No one mustn't know about this but, you're all going to get smashed tomorrow.
    • [a female gnome with abnormally huge ears overhears Gnomeo from far away]
    • [loudly and panicky]
    • Big-Eared Gnome: He's says we're going to get smashed tommorrow!
    • [All the gnomes stare and then scream and run around in a panic]
    • Watson: There are good and bad sides to us all.
    • Juliet: A man doesn't make you strong, but the right partner can make you stronger.
    • Moriarty: To be fair, it was needlessly complicated but that's what super-villains do.
    • Gnomeo: We did it! Two garden gnomes against two giant gargoyles... they never stood a chance.
    • Juliet: Of course they didn't, we're Gnomeo and Juliet!
    • Gnomeo: Come to the city, they said. It'll be fun, they said.
    • Watson: Elementary, my dear Sherlock.
    • Juliet: The garden can't wait, you can.
    • Sherlock Gnomes: The case can't wait, you can.
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