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  • The line "We're desperate - get used to it", heard twice, is a reference to the song "We're Desperate" by John Doe's band X.
  • While this movie takes place in the 1950s (and is actually a remake of a 50s movie) with no direct affiliation to Roger Corman's Rock n' Roll High School, which took place in 1979/1980, three actresses from RNRHS (Mary Waranov, P.J. Soles, and Dey Young) play characters in this movie named after their RNRHS characters (Evelyn Togar/E. Jayne Togar, "Riff" Randall/Evelyn Randall, and Kate Rambeau/Kate Rambeau, Sr., respectively).
  • Part of Showtime's Rebel Highway series.
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