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Quotes from Shaft

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    • John Shaft Jr.: You can't beat up a woman!
    • John Shaft II: Why not?
    • John Shaft Jr.: Because she's a woman! That's like, misogynistic!
    • John Shaft II: You're the one being misogynistic, I never even mentioned her gender! I'm an equal-opportunity ass-whooper!
    • John Shaft Jr.: Is there no non-violent people in Harlem?
    • John Shaft I: Boy, back in the day, we didn't need guns. All we needed was our bare knuckles.
    • [reveals an arsenal of firearms]
    • John Shaft I: But you can't be too prepared.
    • [to Shaft's honies]
    • Maya Babanikos: Lady Syphilis, Madam Chlamydia, it's lovely to meet you both.
    • [from trailer]
    • John Shaft II: Damn, you back at having a knife fight?
    • John Shaft I: Oh hell no, I shot him.
    • [on his dad]
    • John Shaft Jr.: He thinks he's a black James Bond.
    • John Shaft II: If that dude was real, he'd think he was ME.
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