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  • When Samantha brings Carrie breakfast in Mexico, the teapot on the tray changes between shots from an ornate to a simple design.
  • When Carrie interviews the Asian guy for her personal assistant, the coffee cup changes position right after he shows her he is wearing pink high heels.
  • Carrie returns books to the main branch of the New York Public Library. That branch has not been a lending library for more than 60 years.
  • When Carrie goes through her closet and asks the girls whether to "toss or take" an outfit, the bathroom door keeps changing from open to closed when she is wearing the iconic tutu.
  • When Carrie is with Louise at the bar, and she shows her the "Love" keychain, she holds it tight in her hand and places it near her chest. In the next shot, she is holding it next to her face.
  • When the four girls are packing Carrie's stuff into boxes, and Charlotte bumps into one stack of boxes, they are clearly empty.
  • When Miranda and Steve are having dinner, the foam on Miranda and Steve's lips change shape and position.
  • When Carrie reads to "Big" from the book of Love Letters, her pearl necklace keeps changing position between shots.
  • In the scene when Carrie and Charlotte are making lists for the wedding, the Sharpie marker clipped to Carrie's tank top not only changes positions many times but just before she gets up off the bed to show her wedding dress, the Sharpie marker is gone.
  • After the waiter in Mexico gives Charlotte her bottled water (and she wipes off the mouth of it), the next shot shows the bottle of water on his tray as he places another margarita on the table.
  • When Miranda and Steve talk by her apartment door on New Year's Eve, the deadbolt lock changes from open to closed several times without being touched.
  • When Carrie makes lists to plan the wedding, the position of her Sharpie marker (clipped to her tank top) changes position several time during the shot. Just before she gets up off the bed to show her wedding dress, the Sharpie is gone.
  • When Carrie leaves Charlotte's building for the wedding, she is wearing white pumps. When she runs from the limo to hit Big over the head with her bouquet, she is wearing gold gladiator sandals.
  • When Samantha is lying on the table covered in sushi and the phone rings, she moves and the piece of sushi on her shoulder falls down. A piece of double-sided tape is visible, to hold the sushi in place. Time passes, but it's understood Samantha never leaves the table and remains covered in sushi. When the shot returns to her close up, the piece of tape has been removed from her shoulder.
  • In the beginning of the movie, when Carrie gives background information on Charlotte, she quotes her telling Harry "We're not barren, we're reproductively challenged." Charlotte actually said that to her first husband, Trey, in Sex and the City (1998).
  • When the wedding guests wait for the bride and groom to arrive, Stanford wears different glasses than in later scenes. He may have changed his glasses while waiting, but that seems unlikely.
  • When Dante is first shown having sex he goes from sitting to standing. When he stands, a flash of the nude-shade band of his underwear shows between the actors' bodies.
  • When the girls discuss "coloring" at the restaurant, Lily's purse goes from lying on its side on the table to standing up, without anyone touching it.
  • When Carrie is leaving Charlotte's apartment and getting into the car, you can see her shoes are plain white slightly pointed shoes. However, when she is seen running at Big later on, she is wearing silver strapped up gladiator style stilettos.
  • The male neighbor showers on the deck outside. His bar of soap is white at the beginning of the scene, and grey at the end.
  • After Carrie and Charlotte enter Carrie's apartment following the release of the Vogue article, Lily hands Carrie a tiny pumpkin. The first shot shows her offering it upside-down. In the next shot, the pumpkin is right-side-up in her hand.
  • Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte leave Charlotte's apartment and enter the limousine to go to the wedding. When the limousine arrives at the site of the wedding and pulls up to the curb, it's clearly empty.
  • The license plates on Big's Mercedes-Benz are obviously fake. New York State plates have three letters followed by four numbers on them. The plates on Big's car have three letters, then a mix of letters and numbers for the last four characters.
  • Miranda and Carrie have an argument on Valentine's Day, then don't talk for 3 days. When Miranda shows up in a taxi a few days later, it's raining, and the trees, shrubs, and grass are all green. Spring doesn't come to Manhattan that quickly.
  • When Carrie reads emails from Big, they are all dated in September, when New York City observes Daylight Savings Time. The time stamp on the email incorrectly reads "EST" for Eastern Standard Time, when it should read "EDT" for Eastern Daylight Time.
  • When Carrie interviews Louise, a crumpled napkin next to Carrie's cup keeps changing shape and position.
  • In the The Domino Effect (2003), Mr. Big has surgery to remove a blockage from his heart. In the bed scene, he has no scars on his chest. Heart surgery can be performed by going in through the thigh, arm or neck, especially for simple blockages or stents.
  • While dining at the restaurant in Mexico, Carrie opens her menu twice; before the waiter welcomes them, and, right after he takes their drink order.
  • When Carrie and Big reunite in the closet, Big's clock shows the time as 7:30. However, Carrie arrives after 5:00 pm, and they have to leave by 6:00 pm for the new tenants.
  • When Carrie leaves Charlotte's to go to the wedding she is wearing normal white court shoes, when she is shown running towards Big to hit him she is wearing completely different shoes which are also now gold.
  • When Carrie gets her new cell phone, she complains that her new number is a different area code. Cell customers can move their numbers between phones and carriers. Carrie had changed her number to avoid contact with Mr. Big.
  • When Samantha brings Carrie her breakfast in Mexico, the teapot changes from ornate to traditional, depending on the characters' points of view. The food and flower arrangement on the tray also changes; one flower becomes three depending on the cut-away.
  • When Carrie is in bed reading the love letters to Mr. Big, she closes the book and leans on him. In the next shot, the book is open again.
  • When Carrie reads the poets-letters to Big,she puts her glasses in her forehead to ask him if he had ever written her a love letter. In the next scene the glasses have changed position and they are on the top of her head.
  • In the scene where Carrie starts beating Big with the flowers for standing her up at their wedding, she throws the entire bouquet at him when she screams, "I'm humiliated!" and in the next shot she has the flowers back in her hand and she hits him again.


  • The size of Carrie's piece of cake at Charlotte's baby shower changes back and forth between shots.
  • At the end of the movie during the brunch after Carrie and Big's wedding, Charlotte is holding a baby that is clearly not a newborn but at least a couple of months old.
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