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  • At the end of the movie, on set you see scenes with snow on people. During cut scenes, the snow comes and goes.
  • The promo for the Christmas Special shown at the beginning of the film contains events that haven't happened yet (sets shown that aren't built yet, etc). For example, the shot of Mary Lou Retton rehearsing her tumbling routine and saying "God bless us, every one" is repeated exactly later in the film.
  • When Frank falls down the stairs at his brother's house and the Ghost of Christmas Present floats down after him, her levitation wires can be seen briefly before being hidden behind her wings.
  • When Grace is taking Calvin home, she can be seen exiting the 45th Rd-Courthouse Sq station in Queens. But when the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Frank to see Grace and her family, she says she's taking him to Harlem, which is in Manhattan.
  • When Claire first visits Frank at the beginning of the movie she hands him her business card. When he accepts the card it is a woman's hand that takes hold of it in the close-up.
  • When Frank Cross is facing the dog at his brother's apartment in the hallway you can see the dog handler's shadow waving the dog off.
  • When Frank enters the sewers you can clearly see that the some of the pieces of ice hanging down are nothing more than pieces of cloth. Watch as they blow in the wind while Frank moves around the sewer area.
  • After the encounter with the Ghost of Christmas Past, Frank decides to visit Claire at work. The business card she gave him says "Operation Reach Out" but the doors Frank walks into say "Operation Outreach".
  • In 1969, Frank gives Claire a set of Ginsu knives as a gift. Ginsu knives were first sold in 1978 under a different name, and the "Ginsu" name was coined in 1983. In addition, the DVD subtitles misspell it "Gensu."
  • In the booth, the censor removes a sprig of mistletoe from the bulletin board next to Brice Cummings' head. The mistletoe was not there in an earlier shot.
  • After Frank Cross stumbles on to the stage after breaking out of the sewer, he wrestles with an actor from the fake movie set. He grabs the actor's walking stick and in between shots the stick moves from his right hand to his left.
  • When Claire turns in the bathtub in 1969, you can see that she is wearing a body stocking.
  • When Frank Cross' office door is being beaten down by Lew Hayward, it is obviously made of metal, as it retains the dents from the impacts on the outside. However, when the door finally shatters, it is clearly made of wood.
  • After Frank Cross wakes up in his office after Lew visits him, he drinks some vodka that has a golf ball in it. When he drops the golf ball on his desk, it bounces three times in front of Frank's face. On the second and third bounces, the ball actually goes higher than on its first bounce. Although this is "impossible," it is meant to emphasize the supernatural origins of the ball. Also note that the sound effects correspond with this "supernatural" activity.
  • Frank's second visit with the Ghost of Christmas Past is in 1968 and he is working for IBC. He meets Claire at this time as well. He was four years old in 1955 which makes him only 17, way too young for such a job.
  • During the "Father Loves Beaver" promo, the cookies that are taken out of the oven are already made and upside down. They can be seen to rock from side to side. This is probably a gag about a low budget show's production values.
  • After watching the Lee Majors promo, Frank looks at his mirror in his drawer and smiles. The reflection shows him looking back up, but in the next shot he looks up again.
  • When Cross gets locked in the back of the cab, he tries to open each door, but the handles come off in his hands. Between taking them off and holding them up by his face, the heavy end of each handle switches to the opposite end.
  • The address on Claire's business card reads 514 West 43rd St. But when Frank gets there, he passes a street sign that says 3rd St./900 East. Even if 3rd St. was meant to be the cross street, West 43rd St. would not cross East 3rd St. nor would it be on the 900 East block.
  • During the broadcast of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge tosses a coin to a boy so he can buy a Christmas goose. The shot seen in the control room monitor shows the coin falling in slow motion. This was more than likely a pre-recorded shot used for dramatic emphasis within the broadcast, which is common practice during live telecasts.
  • John Houseman is credited as Sir John Houseman in the Scrooged promo. In fact, Houseman never received a knighthood.
  • When the phone auto-dials (right after the appearance of Lew Hayward) you can see Claire's full name on the phone display. Caller ID wasn't available until 1988 - the year Scrooged was released. It seems a bit strange that Frank has saved the name and number of a woman he hasn't talked to in 15 years on his telephone. When the phone was installed, Frank may have had his secretary or the IT department put everyone in his address book into the phone, and Claire's name probably would have been in there.
  • The telephone which auto-dials moves a bit around so you can clearly see that someone pulls strings from under the telephone.
  • When Frank talks on the phone to Claire Phillips, he only uses the handset and hangs up, yet the display says "Claire Phillips speakerphone".
  • After the Ghost of Christmas Past asks if he can smoke, he takes a puff of a cigar and it is supposed to look like smoke comes out of his ears. However among closer examination you can see that smoke comes out of a tube attached to his upper ear and not the actual ear itself.
  • When Eliot fires the first shot into the ceiling, the barrel is angled yet the debris falls straight down on him.
  • Upon entering the office Christmas party in 1968, the Ghost and Frank walk into the room. Despite being invisible to the guests, a woman in a brown dress clearly looks right at them as they move toward her.
  • When Claire hits Frank with the door, she has a roll of wrapping paper in her shopping bag. When she drops her bag to see if he's alright, the paper's gone. When he picks her bag up, the roll is back in the bag.
  • When announcing the beginning of the live broadcast, the announcer says it will be a live presentation of "the Charles Dickens classic, 'Scrooge.'" The title of the Dickens classic is "A Christmas Carol."
  • Grace, Frank's personal assistant, is portrayed as being poor, but being the PA to the President of the network, Grace should be on a good salary. Even if Frank is not paying her well, she could have got another, better paying job, given the seniority of her current role.


  • When Eliot Loudermilk confronts Frank, he fires three shots from the double-barreled shotgun before reloading.
  • When Frank has a meeting with Preston and meets Bryce for the first time, Frank and Preston both order a high ball. When it arrives Preston takes a drink of his and it's a whiskey color, but Frank's is clear with the eyeball in it, showing it's a different kind of drink.
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