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  • Near the end, when Scott sits on the swing with his sister, she calls him "little brother." Stacey is 18; Scott is 22. This is a repeated line from the original comic, where Stacey is seen as more mature and "older".
  • sends packages by regular mail or Canada Post's Xpresspost system. It does not have its own delivery people. But some leeway must be allowed here, as Ramona uses as a magic time portal as a delivery route. If such a fast, cheap delivery system existed, Amazon would surely adopt it.
  • After Envy Adams calls Scott and the crew backstage, Todd Ingram's wrist bands appear and disappear while his arms are crossed.
  • The coffee mug changes position in Scott's hands during the opening scene at the breakfast table.
  • Final Fantasy IV (1991) was released as Final Fantasy 4 in Japan but re-titled as Final Fantasy 2 in the United States and Canada, so Scott got the number right.
  • During the fight scene with Todd in the back alley, a van in the background disappears and reappears at different screen transitions.
  • When Scott fights Roxy, Ramona holds his hands while punching her. One punch clearly misses Roxy's face, but the sound of a punch is heard.
  • During the fight with Roxy (evil ex #4), Roxy falls forward before Ramona's high kick starts its downswing.
  • In the Bass Battle scene, the bass that Todd Ingram plays does not have enough frets to play the notes in the last part of his solo.
  • When Scott dives through the window to avoid Knives, a section of glass stays in the frame, but when Scott comes back to get his coat, the glass has disappeared.
  • It seems as if Scott's front door has a different handle when Wallace says "weren't you meant to take your fake high school girlfriend to the library a half-hour ago?" If you look closely, it's the bathroom door, not the front door.
  • When Stacey calls Scott for the first time, her hair changes between the scenes.
  • Scott orders a caramel machiatto at Second Cup. Starbucks sells caramel machiattos; Second Cup serves caramel corettos. However, this is probably a reference to the graphic novel stating Scott didn't realize until the age of 23 that all Second Cup entrances do not lead to the same interior. Scott probably didn't realize before this that all coffee shops do not have identical menus.
  • When Scott leaps up and goes to attack Todd across the table, and Todd holds him back with waves of energy, the girl drummer from TCAD is first leaning against the wall, disappears from the frame, and then reappears when the scene shifts. This is most likely a reference to the graphic novel where this character is able to teleport at will. She may be said to have teleported out of this location and then back into it.
  • When Ramona offers Scott tea at her house, she decides to have a cup of Sleepy Time Tea. We can see the box is from Celestial Seasonings; this brand of tea is well known for excluding the string and tag from its bag design to reduce waste. But as Ramona picks up her cup of tea, we can see a string and tag.
  • While the band room is at the back of Lee's Palace, when Scott is thrown through the wall, he should have ended up in the parking lot that is actually across the alley.
  • On the bus ride after the Battle of the Bands, the bus is first seen driving down a street which could only turn left or right, it does not continue straight. However, in the next scenes it is seen driving forward only, it doesn't turn a corner.
  • When Scott opens the door for Ramona as she delivers his package from Amazon, the sidewalk and walkway leading to his door is covered in snow, as well as where she is standing. In all subsequent shots in this scene however, these surfaces have been partially cleared of snow. In a later scene it is shown that Ramona can melt snow with her skates, which happens instantly as she travels over it. Therefore, at the very least the spot where Ramona is standing should be melted when Scott opens the door.
  • Todd and Scott both use incorrect phrasing when debating grammar (perhaps for comedic purposes), with Todd saying, "I and he," and Scott replying, "He and me." By standard English grammar rules, subject pronouns (replacing "we") must remain subject pronouns, with the 1st-person listed last. Thus, "he and I" is correct. Perhaps Scott is himself becoming evil.
  • In the bass battle scene, the graphics in the beginning say Scott is playing the note "D". In fact, he is playing a "B".


  • In the fight scene between Roxie and Ramona, when the camera is behind Ramona, her real hair can be clearly seen underneath her wig. This is not in fact Mary Elizabeth Winstead's real hair but the bottom layers of Ramona's hair which are dyed black. In the final desert dream sequence these black layers can be seen when Ramona reveals the computer chip on her neck Gideon uses to manipulate her.
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