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Quotes from Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark

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    • Stella Nicholls: Stories hurt, stories heal.
    • Stella Nicholls: No, Sarah, now it's your turn to hear a story.
    • Lou Lou: You should not have taken that book.
    • Ramón Morales: Hospitals have records.
    • Stella Nicholls: Records of Sarah Bellows?
    • Chuck Steinberg: Then what're we still doing here? Let's go!
    • Ramón Morales: Last week they shipped my brother home from Vietnam in pieces.
    • Stella Nicholls: I'm so sorry.
    • Ramón Morales: Last week when I got my draft notice... I couldn't... they'd send me there to die. If the book can read me, I'm afraid what it'll say.
    • Stella Nicholls: You don't read the book. It reads you.
    • Ramón Morales: If you're serious about being a writer, it's not going to happen here. You have to go to the city.
    • Stella Nicholls: I can't leave my dad.
    • [turns off the TV]
    • Lou Lou's daughter: Tricky Dicky, no name for a president.
    • Radio DJ: Today is Election Day, people. Vote against Vietnam, vote against destruction, vote against sending our children to die!
    • Stella Nicholls: They locked her away because she was different.
    • Auggie HilderbrandtChuck Steinberg: Who Ordered The Chicken?
    • [repeated line]
    • Jangly Man: COWARD!
    • [on Ruth]
    • Tommy: You're trash anyway
    • Tommy: I always hated you Harrold
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