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Goofs from Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark

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  • In the mental hospital lobby/waiting area there are a pair of modern drinking fountains mounted on the wall. This model did not exist in the 1960s.
  • When Stella and the others are at the drive-in movie, she is leaning on the car crying, and starts removing her fake witch warts. Two or three are left on her face, but when Stella turns her head to look at the others in the car, all warts have disappeared.
  • The film is set in 1968 but the main characters have modern clothes, glasses and hairstyles.
  • The audio/footage of "Night of the Living Dead" playing at the drive-in don't match up with each other, and the film's scenes are shown out of order.
  • A high school kid in 1968 wouldn't know what Hodgkin's lymphoma was, or that chemicals in processed food could cause cancer.
  • The main characters go trick-or-treating for their last Halloween together in high school and their parents make their costumes, even though in the 1960s it was the social norm for kids to stop trick-or-treating by the age of 12.
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