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  • Martin Lawrence was the original choice for Carter. Eddie Murphy was offered the role of Carter, but he turned it down to make Holy Man (1998) instead. David Chapelle, Will Smith, and Tupac Shakur were all considered for the role of Carter.
  • The afro and mustache in the photo on Detective Carter's badge were added as an afterthought in post-production.
  • Elizabeth Peña played a prank on director Brett Ratner in which she appeared on the set wearing nothing but her character's bomb squad vest. According to Peña, she thought Ratner would laugh, but instead, he was extremely nervous and embarrassed.
  • According to director Brett Ratner, this movie was the first movie to be released in the U.S. featuring Jackie Chan in an English-speaking role without any kind of dubbing. According to Ratner, before this movie, Chan always had his voice dubbed over in his English-speaking roles because of his uncertainty in speaking the language. For this movie, however, Ratner convinced him to forgo the dubbing, as it would lend to the authenticity of his character.
  • Brett Ratner was a big fan of Jackie Chan's Hong Kong movies. He felt that American audiences would not be familiar with the jokes in Jackie's other movies, and deliberately re-used some of his gags. For example, the scene where Inspector Lee accidentally grabs Johnson's (Elizabeth Peña's) breasts is a reference to Jackie Chan's film Mr. Nice Guy (1997).
  • Carter's Corvette's license plates have the same three-letter combination as the license plate of the van in which the consul's daughter is held.
  • Chris Tucker improvised much of his dialogue, as he normally does in his movies. According to director Brett Ratner, during the scene at Grauman's where Detective Carter bribes Stucky for information, there was so much improvisation between Tucker and John Hawkes that they almost did not think they could edit it together as a coherent conversation. There are still continuity errors in the dialogue for this reason.
  • At the Grauman's Chinese Theater, Carter shows Inspector Lee the footprints of John Wayne, an actor who Chan went on to spoof in Shanghai Noon (2000), Shanghai Knights (2003) and Shanghai Dawn.
  • David Morse and J.T. Walsh were some of the actors considered for Thomas Griffin, but the creators preferred an actual British actor for the character.
  • The original casting choices for the roles that ended up being Lee and Carter were Chris Farley and Martin Lawrence, and many news reports connected Farley's not making this movie to his tragic death in December 1997. In fact, Farley and the production for the movie had decided a few years earlier not to work together on the movie, as they were already leaning towards the ultimate casting choice for the two leads (one Asian actor and one black actor); Farley's downward spiral in real life covered roughly the same time period that this movie was made.
  • Chris Tucker asked to see Fakin' Da Funk (1997) before he signed on to do Rush Hour (1998).
  • Chris Tucker and Chris Penn previously appeared in different Quentin Tarantino movies. Penn in Reservoir Dogs (1992) and Tucker in Jackie Brown (1997).
  • After Carter (Chris Tucker) shoots down Clive's (Chris Penn's) car, he starts dancing like Michael Jackson. Three years following the release of this movie, Tucker appeared with Jackson in the music video of his song, "You Rock My World", as well as performing more Michael Jackson impressions in Rush Hour's sequels.
  • The exterior shots of the Chinese Counsulate is also used as the exterior shots for the original Wayne manor in the Batman (1966).
  • One of several movies released in 1998 to feature the new blue Pepsi cans, which were introduced that year.
  • Chris Tucker's line, "Which one of y'all hit me?" comes from Seven Samurai (1954), in which a drunk Samurai gets hit on the head with a stick and says, "Which one of you hit me?"
  • George Cheung starred in this movie and the television series Rush Hour (2016).
  • Chris Tucker and Clifton Powell appeared in Dead Presidents (1995).
  • Carter's handgun is a Beretta 92fs Inox and Lee's handgun is a Glock 17.
  • Jackie Chan was almost killed filming the scene where he is almost crushed by metal boxes. They slammed together about a quarter of a second after his head was clear.
  • After filming and editing was completed, a rough test cut was shown to audiences, who demanded more Jackie Chan action scenes. The crew went back for a few more filming days and added in the scene where Chan fights multiple bad guys during the closing confrontation, and the giant vase scene.
  • This movie is considered to be a remake of Red Heat (1988). Both movies are about tough foreign policemen who go to the United States and partner up with cocky American policemen to take on a crime lord from the tough foreign policeman's country.
  • Lee (Jackie Chan) is taken to Grauman's Chinese Theater by Carter (Chris Tucker). In 2013, Chan had his own hand and footprints placed at the same theater.
  • This film inspired the creation of the website Rotten Tomatoes. Site founder Senh Duong is a big Jackie Chan fan and built the website to collect reviews for all of Chan's Hong Kong as they were being released in the United States. He coded the site in two weeks putting it up shortly before the release of this film. Rotten Tomatoes is now one of the most notable sources for movie reviews and its Tomameter rating is used to judge a film's success and used in advertising and award promotions.
  • Tzi Ma, who plays Consul Han, and Byron Mann, who plays Fong, are also featured together in the AMC original series Hell on Wheels (2011-2016).
  • (Cameo) Gene LeBell: Cab driver.
  • Carter shoots Clive's car, causing the C4 in the trunk to explode in a large fireball. In reality, C4 is an extremely stable, but immensely powerful high-speed explosive, meaning that not only would it not be detonated when struck by a bullet, it also would not result in a fireball as seen in the film. Were the large amount of C4 in the trunk to explode at once, it would not only completely destroy the car, but the shockwave alone would likely result in Clive's death and likely knock Carter off his feet at the very least.
  • Jackie Chan said the scene when his character first meets Chris Tucker's character was very similar to the first time the actors met in real life at the offices of the William Morris Agency. Chan said Tucker was talking so fast that after the meeting ended, Chan told his manager, "I don't understand any of the words coming out of his mouth!" - a line that was used in the film.
  • Chris Tucker earned a salary of $43m for the three " Rush Hour" pics, and that was before any profit participation.
  • While Jackie is outside the Chinese restaurant waiting for Chris Tucker to return, two tourists ask Jackie for directions to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. In the movie "Jackie Brown" this is the same restaurant that Samuel L Jackson uses to lure Chris Tucker into the trunk of a car before shooting him.
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