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Quotes from Roma

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    • Cleo: I like being dead.
    • Fermín: And I started drinking, and then huffing. I was dying. But then I discovered martial arts. And everything came into focus. Just like when you look at me.
    • Dra. Velez: Mountains are old, but they're still green.
    • Sra. Sofía: We are alone. No matter what they tell you, we women are always alone.
    • Cleo: I didn't want her.
    • Sra. Sofía: What?
    • Cleo: I didn't want her.
    • Sra. Sofía: They're ok.
    • Cleo: I didn't want her to be born.
    • Sra. Sofía: We love you so much, Cleo. Right?
    • Cleo: Poor little thing.
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