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  • The cloth's width that an apprentice uses to blindfold Master Zovak (Latin Lover) changes in shots.
  • The end of the film takes place in 1971, but Señora Sofía pulls into the driveway in a new Renault compact with a front grill badge logo designed by Op-Art originator Victor Vasarely that was not introduced until the following year, 1972.
  • When the boy crashes the window with a stone egg, a car is parked outside. Moments later, the garage is empty as we see the mom entering driving the car.
  • Reflection of a few members of the crew is visible during dolly shot as Cleo walks to the movie theater with the family.
  • The movie is based on 1970-1971, but when at the Christmas Party at the Ranch (hacienda) the music playing is from Jesuschrist Superstar from 1973.
  • When the family arrives at Don Jose's, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle parked among the cars has front disc brakes, which were not available on Harley-Davidsons until 1973.
  • Six minutes into the film Cleo gathers some clothes and starts to walk down the stairs. When she gathers them they are jumbled together but as she walks down the stairs the clothes appear to be contained neatly in a pillowcase.
  • In the beginning of the film when the family is having dinner. The dinner plates they are using are of the "Flor de Otoño" pattern manufactured by Santa Anita, they started operations in 1991.
  • At the Sylvester Party 1970/1971 the Record Player plays "I don't now how to love him" from "Jesus Christ Superstar". But the premiere of this musical was in October 1971.
  • The dining room chairs vary from scene to scene.
  • The aircraft reflected in the water at the beginning is an Airbus 340, which was released for commercial use in 1993. There is also a Boeing 767 seen landing near the martial art field which was launched in the early 80s.
  • One scene includes a 1974 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon.
  • On the scene previous to the attack on the students, the camera travels along several military vehicles, many of them bearing a very contemporary FORD logo on the radiator screen. then slows to show a VW Safari from the right era.
  • When Marina pulls in the new car, the concrete arch moldings that she demolished with the Galaxy the day before are intact.
  • The old car is sold and a new car is purchased, Yet, towards the end when they return from the beach vacation, they arrive at home in the old, beat up, car.
  • Though the film is set in 1971, the film that Cleo and Fermin see in the movie theater is "Los héroes millonarios," which was not released until 1973.
  • The subtitles misspell the model name of the family's Ford Galaxie as "Galaxy."
  • The children are shown in late 1970 watching a television program in which Master Zovak is using using his teeth to pull a car that's attached to a chain. The car is a VW Safari. However, civilian sales of the VW Safari didn't begin in Mexico until later in 1971.
  • At the martial arts training field. The shadows of the spectators jump 180 degrees between shots and continue to change direction throughout the scene.
  • The baby held by Sofia in the fire scene is not real. She holds it by pressing its head between her chest and her arm.
  • Throughout the movie we are told that the husband is in Quebec. Towards the end when they go to the Playa and are having dinner, the mother tells the children that he was never in Ottawa. Ottawa is in Ontario and not in Quebec.
  • Before the family goes on a vacation, the wife replaces the Ford Galaxy with a Renault. But the family returns from vacation in the Ford Galaxy. This is explained away in the dialogue, the mother says they are going for one last road trip in the old car before it's sold.
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