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  • The set shows St. George's Cross in abundance (on site observation), which was only used in the British navy (during the reign of Prince/King John), and not adopted as a flag until a century later.
  • The red cross pattee of the Knights Templar looks similar to St George's Cross. Richard the Lion Heart was a Templar and wore the traditional white mantle with the red cross pattee.
  • The hoodie Taron Egerton is wearing in the movie poster used for promotion purposes is machine stitched in an era when there were no machines to stitch hoodies. (Robin Hood probably didn't even wear a hoodie, but we'll not go into that.)
  • Much of the weapon technology and clothing featured in the film does not match what was available in medieval England.
  • After Robin releases Marion form the box in the mines, she kicks it off the wagon. I the next shot, and following shots, it has reappeared. Until the last shot, when it vanishes.
  • Before John and Robin hang the sheriff. The three guards are stood as two and one. Then they are stood in a triangle without anyone moving.
  • Towards the end Friar Tuck puts four sacks over his shoulders, hanging freely. Two front and two back. In the far shot he is holding all four sacks with his hands on the back.
  • In the trailer we see Robin Hood shooting guards with his bow in the rain. In reality one can not use bows when the string is wet, as they loose elasticity. The bow is also a composite bow, meaning layers of wood held together by glue and string. Medieval glue would come undone in rain, rendering the bow utterly useless.
  • John has been labeled as a Moor. The Moors have historically been located in the Western Sahara, nowhere near the Holy Land in the time of the Crusades.
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