Ring (Ringu)

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In this psychological horror story from Japan, a legend circulates among teenagers that if one watches a certain video at a certain time of the night, the telephone will ring right afterward, and one week later, you will die. When Masami (Hitomi Sato) tells her friend Imako this story, she scoffs -- but a week later, Imako dies in an auto accident. Imako's aunt, a television journalist named Reiko (Nanako Matsushima), hears that not long before she died, Imako was watching a strange video with her friends -- all of whom have turned up dead. Reiko tracks down a copy of the video, and as she watches its strange, spectral images, the telephone begins to ring....The next morning, Reiko begins a desperate search to solve the mystery of the video, convinced she has only seven days to live; assisting her is Ryuji (Hiroyuki Sanada), a mathematics expert and her former husband. Ringu was a box-office success in its native Japan, and a surprise blockbuster in Hong Kong, where it became the biggest grossing film of the first half of 1999.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide


  • Nanako Matsushima
  • Miki Nakatani
  • Yûko Takeuchi
  • Hitomi Satô
  • Yôichi Numata
  • Yutaka Matsushige
  • Katsumi Muramatsu
  • Rikiya Ôtaka
  • Masako
  • Daisuke Ban

Did You Know?


  • The effect of Sadako coming out of the well was accomplished with only one simple special effect. Rie Ino'o, who is a student of the Kabuki theatre, which uses exaggerated motion and jerking movements to emphasize emotion, was heavily involved in the development of the Sadako character. Ino'o was filmed walking backwards and the film was run in reverse - the end result is Sadako walking forwards with unnatural motions.
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  • In a close-up of Sadako in the end scene, one of her fake finger extensions is coming off.
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    • Yoichi Asakawa: You know what, Mother?
    • Reiko Asakawa: Yes?
    • Yoichi Asakawa: Tomo-chan watched the cursed video!
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