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    • [repeated line]
    • Richard Jewell: There's a bomb in Centennial Park. You have thirty minutes.
    • Bobi Jewell: Why do you keep defending them?
    • Richard Jewell: I'm not defending, just explaning.
    • Bobi Jewell: Well, stop it!
    • Watson Bryant: I'm sorry the world has gone insane.
    • Watson Bryant: You ready to start fightin' back?
    • Watson Bryant: This is Nadya.
    • Watson Bryant: She is... , she tells me what to do.
    • [a little power can turn a person into a monster Richard]
    • [to Bryant]
    • Richard Jewell: I did not plant that bomb in Centennial Park, and I made the mistake of assuming you knew that.
    • Nadya Light: Where I come from, when the government says someone's guilty, it's how you know they're innocent.
    • Richard Jewell: If y'all need help finding anything, feel free to ask one of us. We can help.
    • Tom Shaw: Mr Jewell, you said before that in your comings and goings back and forth from the stage to the tower that you couldn't get, uh, an exact fix on the time. Is that correct?
    • Richard Jewell: Yes, but when you have the runs, which I did, excuse me, you're not thinking about what time it is. You're just trying to crab-walk to a bathroom, you know?
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