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When elderly mother Edna inexplicably vanishes, her daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam rush to their family's decaying country home, finding clues of her increasing dementia scattered around the house in her absence. After Edna returns just as mysteriously as she disappeared, Kay's concern that her mother seems unwilling or unable to say where she's been clashes with Sam's unabashed enthusiasm to have her grandma back. As Edna's behavior turns increasingly volatile, both begin to sense that an insidious presence in the house might be taking control of her. With RELIC, first-time writer/director Natalie Erika James crafts an unforgettable new spin on the haunted-house movie.


  • Emily Mortimer
  • Robyn Nevin
  • Bella Heathcote
  • Jeremy Stanford
  • Chris Bunton
  • Christina O'Neill
  • Catherine Glavicic
  • Steve Rodgers
  • John Browning
  • Robin Northover

Did You Know?


  • Although they portray mother and daughter Emily Mortimer is only 15 years older than Bella Heathcote.
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Atom User Reviews

2.0 out of 5


Jul 7, 2020

A slow-burn haunted house movie becomes a disturbingly effective allegory for the ravages of dementia, which spreads like insidious rot from the afflicted into the family members witnessing her deterioration in Relic.

Metacritic review by David Rooney
David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter
Jul 7, 2020

Strong central performances from Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin and Bella Heathcote, as three generations of women from one family, contribute to a sense of claustrophobic unease; a tone which is unnecessarily bludgeoned home by the over-excitable sound design.

Wendy Ide
Screen Daily
Jul 7, 2020

Despite minor misgivings, it is a thoroughly engaging horror film with more on its mind than simply building to a climax. This is a poignant observation on aging and death that is supported by a trio of knockout performances and a female-heavy production.

Metacritic review by Norman Gidney
Norman Gidney
Film Threat