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  • In May 2017 at a Cannes Film Festival showcase of the film, an ad campaign showing two ladies side by side, one slender and tall the other heavier and shorter came under fire for its controversial tag line "what if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the dwarfs no longer short". Chloe Moretz was quick to defend the movie, saying it had a very positive message. However, when a backlash on social media erupted against the film, Moretz quickly changed her stance and claimed to be "appalled" by the campaign, taking to social media and claiming she had no prior knowledge of the ad's creation and that she was "appalled and angry with the message that it conveyed." The campaign was shortly pulled and a statement from the producers explained that they regret the decision they made in regards to producing the ad.
  • The villian is similar to Mother Gothel from Tangled.
  • This mark's Chloe Grace Mortez 3rd animated film. She was in Bolt(2008) and The Addams Family(2019).
  • This movie is similar to Shrek(2001) meets Shallow Hal(2001) as it is all about inner beauty.
  • The triplets are named Pino, Noki, and Kio, referencing the Italian fairy tale Pinocchio, and can be told apart by their hats with one, two, and three belts, respectively.
  • Each of the seven princes comes from different fairy tales based in different countries, with the characters' accents matching their backgrounds. Merlin and Arthur, from "The Legend of King Arthur", speak with a Britsh accent; Jack from "Jack and the Giant Beanstalk" speaks with a French accent; Hans from "Hansel and Gretel" speaks with a German accent, and Pino, Noki, and Kio from "Pinocchio" speak with an Italian accent.
  • Merlin is designed as a wizard from an Eastern Kingdom, and as a result his design incorporates a number of Asian elements. For instance, his clothing is based on the Korean hanbok and the Korean characters for lightning are written on his spell charms.
  • The character designer came up for the design for the three wood bears by observing a cake with a piece cut out. The skin tone was also based on bread crusts.
  • The face within the magic mirror was based on the masks used in Korean folk theater, called 'hahoetal.'
  • While most of the princes are shown as being physically weaker as dwarfs, Merlin, a spell-caster, has the same abilities but is hampered only by the fact that he believes himself to be weaker.
  • Because the Red Shoes are made from an apple, the shoes are designed such that the apple seeds appear inside the opening, as though forming a logo.
  • More than half of Prince Average's lines were ad-libbed by voice actor Jim Rash which were then incorporated into the film.
  • The living space of the seven dwarfs has only one wall in front in order to give the illusion that they live in a castle, reflecting their vanity and false pretentiousness.
  • Fairytale Island was originally designed to resemble a theme park. While these designs were largely replaced, a few hints remain, such as Prince Average's castle, which resembles a Ferris wheel.
  • The Fearless Seven have the status of and are treated like celebrities in Fairytale Island. This can be seen in the opening scene when bystanders cheer their arrival to fight a dragon. Merlin crosses this thumb and index finger to look like a heart, a common practice among Korean celebrities.
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