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  • Despite appearing as an American in many of her film roles, Samara Weaving is Australian.
  • Seventeen different versions of Grace's wedding dress were created by costume designer Avery Plewes to show the progress of Grace's night and how her clothes correspond to her attitude.
  • With the exception of Grace, Daniel and Becky, the rest of the Le Domas including Fitch and the butler Stevens were played by Canadians.
  • The Le Domas family empire of board games is based on now-defunct game manufacturers Milton Bradley Company and Parker Brothers. Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers games are now owned by Hasbro.
  • (Cameo) Nat Faxon: As the voice of Justin, the vehicle security operator.
  • The Pepper Box revolver wielded by Emilie has been the version of the gun weapon in the North American edition of the board game "Clue" since 1972. It was adopted by the European "Cluedo" edition in 1996.
  • The masks the Le Domas family uses in the prologue are reminiscent of the masks used in the Twlight Zone episode The Masks (1964), where they are worn by members of a wealthy family.
  • (Cameo) R. Christopher Murphy: Plays Joe Early in the How To Use Your Crossbow video.
  • (Cameo) Guy Busick: Plays Richard Babbis in the How To Use Your Crossbow video.
  • Grace's yellow Chuck Taylor sneakers were actually custom painted for the film, as Converse no longer makes that color.
  • They submitted nearly two hundred fictional board game names, but only eight or so were cleared by the legal department.
  • They sourced all of the taxidermy animal heads from the same place including the bear holding the goat's head in its mouth. It came that way.
  • The bedroom is part of the Casa Loma preservation meaning not only were they not allowed to light any candles but they also couldn't touch half of the furniture or decorations.
  • The house in Ontario they used for the Le Domas Estate is the same one used in Billy Madison (1995).
  • The film's writers, Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy, cameo at (32:16) as the crossbow experts in the YouTube video.
  • Samara Weaving and Mark O'Brien both wrote their initials on a brick in that tunnel they enter at (31:23). It's a public space at the heritage site where they filmed in Toronto. They weren't the first.
  • That's a tattoo of a chili pepper on Samara Weaving's hand. "People keep thinking it's a feather," she says.
  • They only had five candelabras, so they had to keep moving them around to populate rooms and hallways where needed.
  • Searchlight asked them not to go crazy with the fog, but "we got a little carried away because we love the fog."
  • The OnStar voice is "Academy Award winner Nat Faxon.
  • The family portraits are all based on Henry Czerny, and they're currently sitting in storage in Toronto.
  • Principal photography began on October 15, 2018, and concluded on November 19, 2018. The 35-day shoot took place at locations around the Toronto, Ontario area, including Casa Loma, Sunnybrook Park and the Claireville Conservation Area, as well as the Parkwood Estate in Oshawa, Ontario.
  • During rehearsals a producer was accidentally stabbed with a prop knife, wielded by Adam Brody. Brody was playing around and thought the knife was retractable. The producer received 8 stitches to his shoulder, returning to the set later that day.
  • Within LaVeyan Satanism, the term "shemhameforash" is used during rituals as outlined in The Satanic Bible.The term is essentially an equivalent of "hallelujah" in the sense that it is taken to mean "Hail Satan" when used in this context, to corroborate with LaVeyan Satanism's objective of satirizing traditional religious practice.


  • BODY COUNT: 15 (Charles, Clara, Tina, Dora, Stevens, Daniel, Becky, Aunt Helene, Fitch, Charity, Emilie, Gabe, Georgie, Tony, Alex).
  • The names Le Domas and Le Bail are anagrams of Asmodel and Belial of the Ars Goetia, respectively.
  • Throughout the film, the drug-addicted Emilie is incapable of using weapons, leading to misses and accidental kills. Melanie Scrofano (Emilie) is best known for "Wynonna Earp (2016)" as the titular gunslinger with the ability to eliminate revenants from hell.
  • The very end resembles the end of Heathers (1988).
  • (Cameo) James Vanderbilt: As Mr. LeBail when he appears before Grace in his chair.
  • It's heavily implied that Grace is rejected by Mr. Le Bail for two reasons: 1) Because her motive for marrying Alex was indeed love and not just money, Grace's soul would be more difficult to attain; it's also mentioned that both Charity and Fitch had no issue selling their souls in exchange for the material whereas Grace longed for a family. And 2) Helene draws comparison between herself and Alex - both resisting their destiny by trying to leave the family only for Mr. Le Bail to reject their spouses, forcing them to stay. Mr. Le Bail may have sensed that Grace's innocence and purity would lure Alex away from continuing the tradition and disown the family.
  • In this film, Samara Weaving plays someone running from devil worshipers who wish to sacrifice her. This is a reversal of her role in The Babysitter (2017) where she played a devil worshiper hunting someone to sacrifice.
  • The nail that goes through Grace's hand is CG, and they were worried about selling it until they watched Weaving's performance.
  • The goat that jumps out and scares Grace into falling down the well was originally planned as a puppet, but when they shot the first take of the puppet they realized that was a bad idea. "Thankfully the goat wranglers were so down."
  • At 48 mins.) The insert of the dumbwaiter gears, is actually gears from London's Big Ben clock tower.
  • They had to teach Samara Weaving how to drive, or at least how to look like she's driving.
  • The fight between Grace and Becky was filmed on the first day of shooting, and Weaving accidentally struck her with the prop brick. "We all thought she was going to walk away."
  • They recall having a group conversation with the cast regarding all the times they've died in movies and TV, and Elyse Levesque (plays Charity) appears to have the record among them. None of the cast had ever exploded before, though, so this was a first for them all.
  • The MPAA requested they translate the Latin used during the sacrificial ceremony so they could properly rate the film.
  • The montage of the family preparing and donning their robes in the lead up to sacrificing Grace originally showed Daniel drinking more, but Brody wisely suggested a take where he goes the opposite direction and is clearly sobering up instead. That's the one they went with.
  • The cast and crew speculate as to what Grace does after the movie ends, and their guesses range from going on the honeymoon to being charged with murdering the entire family.
  • DIRECTOR_CAMEO(Matt Bettinelli-Olpin): As the voice of the driver of the sports car.
  • Towards the end of the movie, Fitch recalls a fire incident that killed a whole family, to which the Le Domas' patriarch says "that's what the media fed you". This brief passage foreshadows the fate of the family, as their house burns to the ground after they explode in the dawn.
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