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  • Director Martino Zaidelis previously produced Cannibals (2015), a TV series starring Natalia Oreiro.
  • Fourth collaboration between Natalia Oreiro and producer Axel Kuschevatzky after My First Wedding (2011), The German Doctor (2013) and I'm Gilda (2016).
  • Feature debut of director Martino Zaidelis.
  • Feature debut of Martín Garabal.
  • Feature debut of Mago Radagast.
  • Both Natalia Oreiro and Diego Torres are actors, singers and music composers with international hits.
  • Second comedy shot in a row by Diego Torres along Casi leyendas (2017).
  • Second collaboration between Natalia Oreiro and cinematographer Lucio Bonelli. Their first film together was Música en espera (2009).
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