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  • During the first scene (while the Land Lord and his sons are hunting wild boars) the first shot that shows every single wild boar running in front of the camera is probably a single shot of the same wild boar repeated 3 times.
  • During the siege on the third castle, the corpse of one of Hidetora's guards suddenly shuts his eyes just before a volley of arrows flies past him.
  • When Saburo's men ride away from the Third Castle, you can see that the path before them has already been trampeled from previous takes.
  • During the battle at the third castle, there is a sequence where Hidetora emerges from the castle at the top of a flight of stairs and confronts enemy soldiers ascending the stairs. When he retreats, his bodyguards suddenly appear and retreat with him, even though they were not present moments earlier.


  • When Lady Kaede is decapitated by Kurogane, a big stain of blood from Kaede's head appears on the wall behind her. Then, when Jiro and the man are leaving the room to go to the war, the stain on the wall appears completely different.
  • Right before the older brother is shot in the battle at the 3rd castle, you can see the blood box on his back.
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