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  • when Brett Wyden packs his bag toward the end of the film, he puts in an Apple laptop, but when he meets Harvey Russell shortly after and hands over the laptop in his bag, its now a Microsoft surface book.
  • When the B-2 stealth bomber flies over downtown Chicago, you can hear the aircraft before you see it. Although the B-2 is unusually quiet for a military jet, it is not inaudible at the low altitude depicted in the film.
  • Kate carefully pulls on a rubber glove to pull the antidote out of cryogenic storage and then promptly touches the vials within with her bare hand. They would have been equally cold and at least frost bitten her fingers if not worse.
  • A Los Angeles Television station has call letters beginning with a W. Only Television and radio stations east of the Mississippi River start with a W. West of the river, stations start with a K.
  • When Dr. Atkins is escaping from the space station at the beginning of the film, she is seated in the escape pod/module facing toward the station. The thrust of the pod leaving the station should therefore have jolted her forward in her seat, and not backward as depicted.
  • Gorillas are herbivores, so it's very unlikely that George would eat Claire. The Crispr modified George with DNA strands from possible carnivores and altered George's personality/behavior, thus providing the possibility that George could start eating meat.
  • When George is on the plane being transported and first wakes up, he throws one of the crew through the door to the cockpit. For a brief moment you see one of the pilots wearing a Bose headphone/mic set. He is wearing the set backwards.
  • The modified alligator was able to burrow through buildings without any problems after reaching Chicago. That being the case, it should not have had the difficulty it did in reaching Okoye after Okoye backed into the rubble of a building in an attempt to get away from the modified creature.
  • George the gorilla is referred to as an albino, yet he has blue eyes. Albinism is a lack of all pigment, meaning albino animals have pink eyes. White fur and blue eyes (as seen in white tigers) is caused by a partial lack of pigment called leucism.
  • When George slams down with his fists on the front of a passenger car driving towards him,the rear end of the car jumps up into the air before George makes contact with the front of the car.
  • When they first determine George (Gorilla) and Ralph (Wolf) are heading for Chicago, they show each of their projected paths forming a V shape meeting in Chicago. They then pull up a live video of both animals running together in a straight path towards the ambush they have set up.
  • Colonel Blake orders a strike with a GBU-43/B (MOAB) on down town Chicago. By no means a simple army colonel would have the authority to order such a massive strike on US soil. While there is no real legal procedure for such a drastic course of action, at least a presidential order would be required. Although the colonel might give the order - breaking the chain of command, the air force - as an independent service - would never honor such a request.
  • When Davis and Kate arrive in Chicago via their stolen helicopter, you can see Lake Michigan on the left. This means they approached from the north. However, Scott Air Force Base near Belleville is located in the southern part of Illinois.
  • There is no way for an alligator of that size to move up from the Everglades in Florida all the way to Chicago undetected. First of all, the alligator would have to survive for several hours or days in the salt water of the Gulf Of Mexico (alligators can tolerate salt water, but not for very long). After that, it has to navigate several dams and locks on the Mississippi river and Illinois Waterway to make its way to the Chicago river where it is eventually spotted.
  • Dwayne Johnson flies the medevac helicopter from the left seat. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters are typically flown from the right seat.
  • The C-17 crew is shown using a wheel on a column to control the airplane. C-17 pilots use a floor-mounted stick to fly.
  • Military pilots are trained for this thing, when the hole was blown in the aircraft and one engine fell out, they know how to change to a second and respond accordingly to air pressure and oxygen loss. This one just fainted.
  • There are no mountains surrounding Whiteman AFB, Mo. The area around Whiteman AFB is flat farm ground.


  • The bomb that the military plans to drop on the monsters is clearly modeled after a GBU-43/B MOAB, officially the "Massive Ordinance Air Blast," informally the "Mother of All Bombs." The real MOAB is too large to fit in the bomb bay of any current purpose-built U.S. bomber, including the B-2 Spirit shown in the film; it must be dropped from a cargo transport through the rear loading door.
  • An airstrike with an exceptionally large bomb such as the MOAB would be conducted from a much higher altitude to protect the bomber and its crew from blast effects.
  • When Okoye preps for the final fight, he arms himself with a fully loaded six-shot grenade launcher. In spite of having no reloads, he fires the launcher a total of 13 times (four at the wolf, and then a minute later at the alligator in a group of four, pause, and then a group of five).
  • About 35 seconds elapse between Dr. Kate Caldwell's parachute jump and Davis Okoye and Agent Russell's jump, yet the characters join up and land in the same area. In reality, given the speed of the C-17 jet transport they jumped from, they should have been several miles apart.
  • After Davis Okoye, Dr. Caldwell and Agent Russell parachute to the site of the C-17 crash and begin walking around, Russell says he is going to search for a radio. Soon, he is shown using an intact and working radio that has somehow survived to contact the military. Except the radio shown displays two frequencies which are located within "bands" utilized by amateur (or ham) radio. Definitely not what would be used for military/governmental communications.
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