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  • Sylvester Stallone originally stated that a fifth Rambo movie wasn't going to happen, as he planned on retiring the character.
  • Rambo 5 was briefly green lit and was in development using the story line of The Savage Hunt, an unrelated sci fi novel that Stallone owns the rights of. It would have seen Rambo tracking down a genetically engineered beast that had broken out of a laboratory. After an outcry from fans Stallone nixed this angle and a new storyline focusing on a Mexican slavery angle was proposed, Mickey Rourke was approached for the role of the villain. After a time Stallone rethought this and decided that he was happy to leave the character of Rambo at the end of his last film that saw him return home to his farm. Since then Stallone has revived the idea and is pyshing ahead with production of the movie in the Mexican slave trade angle.
  • This is rumoured to be the final Rambo movie.
  • The plot to this movie was intended for Rambo (2008) but changed. It was also partially used for Homefront (2013) with Jason Statham.
  • Mickey Rourke is rumored to appear.
  • The studio Lionsgate viewed the first cut of the movie on April 5, 2019.


  • Stallone floated the idea of a Rambo movie called The Savage Hunt, which introduced a science fiction angle that would jave seen Rambo hunting down an escape mutant soldier from a military lab. This was based upon an unrelated novel that Stallone owner the movie rights.
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