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  • The plot to this movie was intended for Rambo (2008) but changed. It was also partially used for Homefront (2013) with Jason Statham.
  • The studio Lionsgate viewed the first cut of the movie on April 5, 2019.
  • The first Rambo movie where Sylvester Stallone doesn't have long hair.
  • The song used in the trailer is Old Town Road - Remix by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus.
  • On December 6, 2018, Sylvester Stallone stated this would be the last "Rambo" film and that his character would "finally find what he assumes to be peace." However, at Cannes 2019, Stallone countered that he would continue to play the character of John Rambo should this film prove to be successful.
  • Re-shoots and additional photography took place at the end of May/early June 2019.
  • Released 11 years after Rambo (2008).
  • Sylvester Stallone stated on his personal Instagram account, "Great day! We got our HARD R rating today! What's coming is going to be unlike anything you have ever seen..."
  • At 89 minutes, this is the shortest film in the 'Rambo' series (especially considering the total screen time of the production logos and end credits is almost 10% of that 89 minutes).
  • After initial filming was done and the first cut of the movie was put together, it was test screened in the spring of 2019, and following additional photography and re-shoots, different cuts were edited and test screened throughout the next few months, and the movie was still being edited just weeks before theatrical release and before the final cut was done. However, at the last minute, the movie was cut down even further to be shorter and faster paced, which is why the final theatrical cut is barely 90 minutes long and why all the trailers for the film show some deleted scenes and dialogue.
  • The first entry in the series where Richard Crenna's character Colonel Samuel Trautmam is not featured or referenced. In the first three films he appeared, but by the fourth film Rambo (2008) the actor had passed away and Sylvester Stallone ultimately decided not to recast him, though archive footage was used in a dream sequence. The only time you ever see Colonel Samuel Trautman in the film is at the End Credits during the Rambo Movies Montage which doesn't count.
  • Some versions of the film included an alternative opening scene where Rambo rescues two people from a raging storm, increasing the runtime to 101 minutes with International Releases, while Rambo U.S, U.K, and Canada Releases excludes this opening completely and the film's runtime is 89 Minutes.
  • While he was generally positive of the previous film Rambo (2008), author David Morrell, the creator of Rambo, publicly called this film "a mess" and a "clumsy exploitation film" and that he was embarrassed to have his name associated with it. Morrell added that his story ideas for the script were rejected and claimed that "Rambo could be called John Smith and the film wouldn't change." He also criticized the fact that the film didn't reference Rambo's Vietnam experiences more clearly: "It assumes the audience is familiar with Rambo's background whereas anyone under 40 will wonder what on Earth is going on with those tunnels."
  • The movie The Return of Billy Jack (1986) (which was never completed) has a similar plot where the hero goes up against sex traffickers. Unfortunately, Tom Laughlin was injured during filming. By the time that he recovered enough to complete the movie, most of its budgeted funds/ investors' money was gone. Thus, they had to scrap the project. Rambo in this movie takes on sex traffickers.
  • Original screenplay by Matthew Cirulnick had more and bigger action sequences - especially in the ending where Rambo fights against many more mercenaries who attack his ranch. This version of the climax was much more of a war battle. However, Sylvester Stallone didn't liked how "over the top" the action was and some other parts of the script, so he scaled everything down in his re-write to make it more realistic in order to focus more on the story and characters.
  • The story for Last Blood was originally written by Sylvester Stallone for fourth Rambo film in the mid 2000's. Screenwriter Dan Gordon wrote a version of the screenplay based on it titled "Rambo 4: Borderline". Being an actual war veteran, he based it on some of his own experiences. In this unmade version, Rambo has been living in middle of nowhere in Arizona since the events of the previous movie, but when the granddaughter of an old Mexican woman he knows is kidnapped by sex traffickers, he goes to Mexico to fight the various villains while trying to find the girl. Along the way, he gets help from an undercover Mexican-American female FBI agent. The main villain in this version was Sheriff Teasle, who was intent on revenge after what Rambo did to him in First Blood (1982). Although at one point this version of fourth film went into pre-production, it was decided to instead go with different story set in Burma. But ever since the release of Rambo (2008) and while all the different ideas and screenplays were being written for fifth film, several other writers tried to wrote a new version of this story. In 2018, Matt Cirulnick wrote his own version, but after Stallone did a re-write because he didn't like some of his script and how over the top the action was, it was picked up for production. Both Stallone and Gordon got the story credit on final film.
  • Although this film didn't have as many different rejected screenplays for it written over the years as the previous sequel did, it still had quite a few. Among all the different versions, there were more which had Rambo fighting cartel members and sex traffickers in Mexico and saving the kidnapped young girl. There was also an action-horror version titled "Rambo 5: Savage Hunt" - based on the novel "Hunter" by James Byron Huggins which had Rambo leading a special forces team through the woods in the Arctic Circle where they are hunting a mutated, bloodthirsty creature. One version titled "Rambo 5: Last Stand" written by Sean Hood had Rambo fight an army of meth dealers terrorizing a small town, and their leader would have been the mercenary who is like a younger, more sadistic version of Rambo and the most dangerous enemy he ever faced.
  • Twice in the film, Rambo listens to "Five To One" by The Doors. In the original script, there were more scenes which revealed his musical taste, like for example him listening to "Let It Bleed" and "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones and "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath.
  • The first names of the two villainous brothers are Victor and Hugo which joined together make up the name of the author Victor Hugo.
  • Sylvester Stallone said in interviews that the reason why the original opening - in which Rambo saves a young girl during a storm, but fails to save other people then returns back home to discuss with Maria what had happened before he then goes off to sleep in his tunnels while listening "Five To One" by The Doors - was cut because younger members of test screening audience didn't really understand the point of those scenes and because it was felt that the movie should open with a later scene where Rambo is working on his ranch in order to get to the main story sooner. The original opening and some other additional scenes were in the film up until three weeks before it was released in U.S. theaters, but were cut because versions without these scenes tested better. However, these scenes were retained in many of the international versions. Other deleted scenes from the first cut of the film however were not released. The Rambo: Last Blood Extended Cut has now been released for free on Amazon Prime.
  • This is the first film where Rambo doesn't wear the iconic bandana.
  • Some parts were cut out of the final action scene at Rambo's ranch, but the behind-the-scenes production video diary and trailers for the film show some of these. Like for example, Rambo shoots down at two mercenaries and hits one in the chest several times, and while another mercenary is crawling through the tunnels Rambo suddenly cuts his head off with machete. The latter explains why there is a shot of Rambo swinging the machete down at someone or something shown only in the trailers.
  • In Rambo (2008), the mailbox of Rambo's father reveals the latter's name only as "R. Rambo." In Rambo: Last Blood (2019) at 1:06:10 when Rambo is getting ready to battle the Martinez Cartel, his father's name on the grave is revealed as being "Reevis Rambo (1922 - 2000)."
  • The name Rambo is said twice in the film like its predecessor Rambo (2008).
  • 2nd movie that John James Rambo is not seen without his shirt. First was Rambo IV (2008), not counting when he was in Carmen's house because he had a blanket over his torso.
  • It would make perfect sense for John Rambo to select "Five to One" by The Doors as preferred listening music. John Rambo is a veteran of the Vietnam War. The Doors were preferred listening music for US soldiers in Vietnam... so much so that Oliver Stone, a Vietnam veteran himself, was compelled to make he very well-known movie on the albeit brief history of the band.
  • Sylvester Stallone's friend and action colleague Dolph Lundgren has also been in a film about human trafficking/slavery: Skin Trade (2015).
  • In the Extended Cut of Rambo: Last Blood there are alot of deleted scenes including, Rambo rescuing hikers in the rain then Rambo going home and talking to Maria about what happened and then going into the tunnels to listen to Five To One by The Doors, Talking about his past with Maria about his mother and father and the house, a different version of his PTSD in the Tunnels, Gabrielle and Rambo talking about the hikers incident, Hugo and Victor talking to Don Miguel, a bunch of bouncers taking the girls as Sex Slaves, and when Hugo and Victor are arguing Hugo orders the girls to go and in a extended version of the scene shows Hugo getting mad and says Fuck. Most of these scenes are not shown in the US, UK, and Canada Versions Cuts but it was shown in International Markets in 2019. All of these deleted scenes can be scene on the Rambo: Last Blood Extended Cut on Amazon Prime.
  • An extended version of the movie was released on digital on June 30th, 2020.


  • After the montage of all the Rambo movies at the end, there is a scene where the present day, wounded Rambo is riding away on horseback.
  • Most of the booby traps set by Rambo in the tunnels were the same type of traps used by the North Viet Cong on American soldiers. Their purpose was to maim, but Rambo used them to disable his enemies, so he can easily kill them.
  • Sylvester Stallone stated at Cannes 2019 he would consider doing a sixth film if this film succeeds. This seems to be hinted at (if not confirmed) during the credits where the wounded Rambo can be seen riding off on a horse despite the last scene of the film itself implying that he intends to sit on his porch until he dies.
  • The wounded Rambo riding away on his horse into the sunset is a nod to the ending of Shane (1953) which the wounded title protagonist Alan Ladd rides away into the sunset.
  • This film is considered to be the "Logan (2017)" of the Rambo films, which bear similarities with the latter. Both are about the aging protagonist being forced to confront his violent past. Rambo is seen burying someone close to him. He lives in isolation in the American Southwest only for violence to touch him nonetheless. Rambo frequently reflects on his legacy as a career soldier and suffers flashbacks. The villains capture a much-beloved family member thus prompting him to venture once more into a bloody confrontation whereby he once again is outnumbered and outgunned.
  • This movie parallels the sequence of events in First Blood (1982). Rambo attempts to impose his sense of moral justice on a dominant group with substantial odds against him, but nevertheless loses. As true to form however, he returns to gain superiority by using covert means to individually "put down" the members of his opposition.
  • In the original script, Victor and Hugo's deaths were different. Rambo cuts Victor's heart out and after fighting Hugo in the climax, he rips his spine and head out.
  • In the novel, Rambo's birthdate is July 6th 1947, which is a year after Sylvester Stallone's birthdate. In the film, Victor shows Rambo's driver's license to Gabrielle which claims that his birthdate is instead December 4th, 1950.
  • Both this film and Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) feature the same lead actor employing the same method of killing an unsuspecting victim with a knife and quoting the same line, "This is what it feels like." before his final killing in each movie.
  • During the final showdown between the Rambo and Martinez Cartel, at one point Hugo says "Get him, this old gringo is nothing!". Adrian Grunberg director of Rambo: Last Blood (2019) also directed a film called Get The Gringo (2012).
  • Both this film and Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) feature the same lead actor employing the same method of killing an unsuspecting victim by spearing him through a hole in the wall.
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